Bitcoin falls to lowest in a month as risk aversion takes oll

Bitcoin has been struggling along with risk assets in recent months

Cover story: The key regional investment trends focusing on the wealth of the future

The pandemic has further emphasised the need for diversification among investors, reveal AIX Investment Group’s board advisor Fadi Dabbagh and senior financial advisor Khalid El-Mikhi

Covid-19 impact: Are regional industries holding up strong?

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreck economies across the world, how are the main pillars supporting the GCC’s economy holding up?

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What role do social media influencers play in the UAE in the current crisis?

The impact of Covid-19 on the influencer industry has been significant. Yet, some are adapting to the crisis to capitalise on a vast new captive audience

How To Become Global

Regional firms must work out exactly who they are before hitting the world stage, says CEO of Booz & Co.

Ship Finance Running Dry

Lending to the shipping industry is facing stormy waters amid a difficult global backdrop.

Another False Start?

It’s unclear whether a recent surge in Islamic finance activity will lead to much-needed change.

Passing On The Parcel

Boosted by the GCC’s rapid industrialisation, courier firms are posting robust growth in the region.

Have I Got News For You

As Sky News Arabia and Al Arab add to the region’s existing basket of Arabic news channels, can they gain marketshare?

Dubai: The Shopper’s Paradise

As malls in Dubai announce massive expansion plans, experts express no concerns and say shoppers will come.

Is The Property Market Back?

The UAE’s main property developers posted gains in Q1 2012. But are we really out of the woods?

MENA M&A Market Rebounds

The regional merger and acquisition (M&A) market bottomed out last year, say experts.

Gulf Tablets Set To Soar

Out of all handheld consumer technology, tablets have the most glittering future, say experts.

Courting Appeal

Dubai’s financial court is revving up efforts to become the home to international dispute hearings.

BT Expands MENA Presence

The UK-based telco sets its sights on the region’s young and growing population.

UAE Banks Falling Short – Experts

UAE banks will have to stop ‘yesteryear’ practices if they are to survive future competition.

ME Holds $500m In Start-Up Funds

Regional investors are ready to provide up to half a billion dollars to promote new businesses in the Middle East, say industry experts.

Iran Could Survive Sanctions

Tightening sanctions against Iran look set to shrink its economy but it won’t be a knock-out blow.

Political Risks To Watch In KSA

Changes in the royal line have raised questions about the direction and pace of gradual economic and social reforms.

Gulf Banks Shut Out US Clients

Obama’s intrusive regulations are simply too much trouble.

M&A Activity Yet To Fulfill Promise

While much of the region is overbanked, there’s little hope for mergers anytime soon.

Bahrain: Challenges On Many Fronts

The island nation faces sluggish growth and a rise in non-performing loans due to political turmoil.

Saudi Arabia: Strength At The Top

Strong government regulation and hefty public spending have buoyed the Kingdom’s banking sector.

GCC Banks In Good Position For Basel III

Banks are focusing on building Tier 1 capital to meet stringent global liquidity regulations.

GCC Retail Banking Expands

Difficult conditions mean banks are spreading their retail wings to attract customer deposits and loans.

Kuwait: Market Still Lacks Real Momentum

Banks are slowly recovering from the 2008 fallout, but the impact of a recent government funding drive remains to be seen.

Qatar: Punching Above Its Weight

Massive public spending and impressive GDP growth spell a bumper year for Qatari banks.

Oman: Steady As She Goes

Increased consumer lending and new Islamic banks will put the country on a solid footing for 2012.

Private Jet Usage Soars

The Arab Spring boosted private jet travel as diplomats and business leaders engaged in peace talks.

Jordan And Morocco To Join The GCC?

The Arab spring has reignited interest in Jordan and Morroco joining the GCC but not all the member countries agree.