Spotify MD MEA Akshat Harbola

Spotify’s Akshat Harbola is keen to support local talent, read to know more

The managing director for the MENA region and South Asia shares the key trends impacting the streaming platform, inclusive initiatives that are bringing fresh talent to the fore and his strategy to get everyone on Spotify


What does the ‘all-electric lifestyle’ mean for businesses?

As conversation heats up over the energy transition, Qasem Noureddin, commercial director, Eaton Middle East, examines why circular economy thinking will be increasingly influential in the electrical industry

Moussalam Dalati, General Manager, Liferay MEA on how DXPs are enhancing digital experiences in business

8 trends shaping the future of digital experiences in business

Personalised, multi-channel experiences, digital transformation projects, and the growing importance of data analytics and security are driving the digital experiences space

top 5 digital consumer trends GettyImages-1300788719-e1650537163767

Five ways ‘digital’ consumers are reshaping retail in 2024

Against a backdrop of mounting macroeconomic uncertainty and increasing digitalisation, consumers are seeking out online platforms dedicated to securing the best deals

7 reasons why investors can't resist Dubai's real estate sector by Espace's John Lyons

Seven reasons why investors can’t resist Dubai’s real estate sector

High rental yields, demand for luxury homes and return on investments, here’s why investing in Dubai’s property market is appealing, explains Espace Real Estate’s MD

Will AI replace traditional jobs GettyImages-1319048433

Opinion: AI at the workplace – what does it mean for us?

Does the advent of AI herald the end of traditional jobs or the birth of new opportunities?

Sharjah real estate

The secret to succeeding in the UAE’s competitive real estate landscape

The UAE’s real estate sector presents multiple avenues for success, but before entering the market investors must weigh various aspects based on past and present growth patterns as well as future prospects

Abdullah Alajaji, founder and MD of Driven Properties.

Driven Properties’ Abdullah Alajaji on building resilience in real estate

Abdullah Alajaji, founder and MD of Driven Properties, explains the importance of establishing readiness for both good and bad times in the real estate sector

Interview: Addleshaw Goddard's Alexander Sarac shares key trends in carbon trading

Addleshaw Goddard’s Alexander Sarac shares key trends in carbon trading

Large-scale carbon capture and storage investments will likely only be made if the regulatory pressure rises and/or if the carbon price in the market is high enough to capture this extra cost

Power Letters 2024: Prateek Suri, Chairman and CEO Of Maser Group

Founded with a mission to democratise access to affordable and high-quality consumer electronics across the African market, Maser has undergone a transformative evolution

Dean Pollard, General Manager, Bupa Global Middle East and Asia, on supporting healthcare needs of a multi-generational workforce

Insights: Supporting healthcare needs of a multi-generational workforce

For the first time in history, we are seeing up to five different generations co-existing in the same workplace, each bringing a unique set of experiences, skills and perspectives

Power letters Dr Azad Moopen of DM Aster Healthcare image supplied

Power Letters 2024: Dr Azad Moopen, founder and chairman, Aster DM Healthcare

The industry is witnessing a shift towards personalised treatment plans, incorporating patient feedback into service development, and empowering individuals in their healthcare journey

Insights: Rethinking a new social welfare model for GCC countries Image: Supplied

Insights: Rethinking a new social welfare model for GCC countries

GCC welfare systems can be enhanced by strengthening coherence among social protection programmes, expanding the social insurance offering, and focusing on the economic activation of social assistance beneficiaries

Andy Thompson, SailGP Chief financial Officer, at the Range Rover France Sail Grand Prix in Saint Tropez, France. 11th September 2022. Photo: Adam Warner for SailGP. Handout image supplied by SailGP

‘UAE is a very important market for us’: SailGP MD Andrew Thompson

SailGP kicks off its first Abu Dhabi event on January 13-14 , with Mubadala increasing its commitment to the racing championship over the next three seasons


Insights: Here’s how to fight fraud with tokenisation

As financial services become more sophisticated, so do the fraudulent techniques used by scammers. But this is where tokenisation can make a difference

ROSHN group CEO David Grover

PIF-owned ROSHN Group’s David Grover shares the company’s ambitious plans

PIF-backed ROSHN’s group CEO tells us how the company is delivering on Saudi Vision 2030’s goals by building over 400,000 homes by 2030


Women can drive climate action in the region, here’s how

The Middle East is home to many women-led initiatives that have brought about positive climate action, ranging from renewable energy projects to sustainable agriculture practices


Insights: 6 ways to transform customer engagement in 2024

We look at the top trends that will redefine and reshape customer engagement for MEA consumer brands in 2024

ader Tavassoli from London Business School on how brand impacts salary, employee behaviour, profits

Insights: How ‘brand’ impacts pay, employee behaviour and profits

We look at why high-quality brands often extend job offers with lower pay and why employees accept them

Saudi Arabia's Vision for S

How digital ID is unlocking Saudi Arabia’s vision for smarter cities

With a burgeoning ecosystem of over 100 fintech companies and a thriving array of digital wallets and services such as STC Pay, UrPay, and Friendi Pay, the kingdom is making significant strides towards diversifying its economy

gratuity - pension - end-of-service

UAE’s new end-of-service benefits scheme for employees: Why should you switch?

Hear from an expert on the UAE’s newly implemented end-of-service benefits scheme

Dr Ulrich Ehmes on the new generation of batteries

Insights: Powering the energy transition with new batteries

For renewables to become the energy source of choice, battery-industry innovation is a must.

Landor on the 3Ps of sustainability

Insights: Building businesses on the three pillars of sustainability

Collaboration and shared responsibility are necessary to create a more sustainable future where businesses thrive while ensuring a better quality of life for current and future generations

Ali Al Kuwari on embracing smart and sustainable practices in construction

Insights: Embracing smart and sustainable practices in construction

Here’s why modern brands and construction projects must have sustainability and smart features at their core, and not just as an afterthought

Personalisation is key to attracting and retaining customers Image Dubai Media Office

Insights: Why retailers are focusing on personalisation to please customers

Consumers are demanding experiences tailored to their preferences, behaviour and stage in the buyer journey

Archit Gupta, CEO of Cleartax with insights on tools to aid tax compliance KSA and GCC

Getting tax-ready: Navigating compliance in Saudi Arabia, GCC

Embracing tools such as VAT Filing Reconciliation and Assistance and Accounts Payable Automation becomes crucial to ensure efficient, accurate tax operations and compliance

Naim Yazbeck, GM Microsoft UAE

COP28: Microsoft’s Naim Yazbeck on leveraging data, tech to drive sustainability

Microsoft UAE’s general manager shares how UAE organisations can embrace ‘sustainable’ possibilities presented by technology and tells us about the company’s participation at COP28

Hummer ev

GMC Hummer Ultium EV Pickup: A re-invented legend

The Hummer Ultium EV Pickup’s reinvention underscores the revolution taking place in the global automotive industry


Interview: Mastercard’s Andrea Prazakova on navigating the sustainability transition

Mastercard’s position at the critical juncture of finance and sustainability allows it to influence the transition to net zero

Mental coach Paddy Upton on 5 ways entrepreneurs can get ahead

The key principles that help sports stars get ahead are the same principles that can help business professionals and entrepreneurs stay on top of their game, according to Paddy Upton