Niro Sivanathan of London Business School on building negotiation skills

Negotiation: What every entrepreneur should know to ace it

Niro Sivanathan, professor of organisational behaviour at London Business School, explains the dilution effect and shares tips to master negotiations

Ramadan - food

Ramadan reflections: Crafting a sustainable future by reducing food wastage

Hospitality, especially during Ramadan, needs to reflect a conscious move away from overindulgence to crafting a sustainable future through reducing food wastage

general counsel's evolving role in business

Legal to leader: How has a general counsel’s role evolved in the digital age

Today’s business realities in the Middle East need a general counsel that helps craft strategy, devises tactics to overcome challenges, and activates resources to protect their firm

women - law

Celebrating the rise and rise of women arbitrators in Saudi Arabia: An IWD 2024 special

This International Women’s Day, a look at the changing landscape for women in the field of arbitration


What does the ‘all-electric lifestyle’ mean for businesses?

As conversation heats up over the energy transition, Qasem Noureddin, commercial director, Eaton Middle East, examines why circular economy thinking will be increasingly influential in the electrical industry

Will AI replace traditional jobs GettyImages-1319048433

Opinion: AI at the workplace – what does it mean for us?

Does the advent of AI herald the end of traditional jobs or the birth of new opportunities?

Sharjah real estate

The secret to succeeding in the UAE’s competitive real estate landscape

The UAE’s real estate sector presents multiple avenues for success, but before entering the market investors must weigh various aspects based on past and present growth patterns as well as future prospects

Grigor Reimann on evolving financial communications in the gulf region

Insights: The evolution of financial communications in the Gulf region

Growing sophistication across capital markets requires companies to deliver effective financial communications to draw in a new breed of investor to the region

The Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Indian classic, has a wealth of information and guidance for executives looking to develop successful and long-lasting businesses.

Here’s what ancient India can teach modern day managers

The Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Indian classic, has a wealth of information and guidance for executives looking to develop successful and long-lasting businesses.

Are you easily distracted or impatient? why technology could be the reason

Insights: Are you easily distracted and impatient? Technology could be the real reason

While technology offers wider connections, the quantity of these associations leaves people feeling qualitatively empty

alternative investment

The UAE as the new alternative investment hub

A look at the emerging trends and challenges in risk management for alternative investment fund managers

Alan O'Neill - 100 days

Alan’s corner: The first 100 days

Today, the first 100 days concept has been adapted for modern businesses

Kevin Rubin, Chief Finance Officer at Alteryx on the role of the modern CFO

The modern CFO: Risk taker or business maker?

With digital transformation added into the mix, the modern CFO role has transformed into that of a future-facing navigator, combining risk mitigation with near-live opportunity mapping

The future of water _ World Water Week GettyImages

The future of water: Nurturing a water-wise world

As we mark World Water Week, the theme of this year, ‘Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World’ is a stark reminder of the urgent need to address this crisis

How regional banks can help build a greener economy

Insights: How regional banks can help build a greener economy

The central role that banks play in capital allocation is why regulators want them to help usher in a new era of green finance


Alan’s corner: Conflict resolution

The key to successful conflict resolution is always communication

Digital identity

Insights: Digital identity is key to achieving national objectives

The UAE has embraced the vision of a sustainable future, investing heavily in renewable energy and dynamic technologies centered around innovation

Qatari banks’ external debt

Qatari banks’ external debt: Is the problem over?

One of the main sources of concern for the Qatari banking system has been the build-up of external debt

LBS' Jane Khedair on why the MENA region is prime ground for VCs and startups

Insights: Why the MENA region offers exciting opportunities for VCs, startups

The abundance of family money, rising government and financial support for startups complemented by the focus on economic diversification has put the region into the spotlight

force for good

The social side of sustainability: How businesses can be a force for good

Here’s the 5-step ‘Force for Good’ model that can ensure that the social sustainability initiatives are well poised to create deep and meaningful impact

M&A and Corporate Tax insights

Navigating M&A transactions, restructurings in the face of UAE’s corporate tax 

Buyers will need to evaluate the tax status of the target company or target assets and consider whether any restructuring is required to optimise tax efficiency


Alan’s corner: The tipping point

A strategic offering of in-store and online shopping experiences can help retailers stay relevant in current times

Leadership lessons ADMC Michigan Power of flexing Sue Ashford

Leadership lessons: The power of flexing and its impact

How emerging leaders can own their growth and discover best practices from learning experiences

ESG and Middle Banks Arthur D Little Op-ed

Implementing ESG strategy: How Middle East banks are faring

As the region’s banks double down on their ESG efforts, the implementation of a comprehensive strategy with data governance at its core has never been more important

linkedin - hiring and retaining

Why mentoring makes a difference

Mentoring could help ensure a smooth transition for new board members and set them up for success in their role

Digital healthcare is booming following COVID-19

The future of digital healthcare

Are deals and valuations resilient for the healthtech sector in 2023?


Alan’s corner: Imitation versus innovation

An essential ingredient for delivering your strategy is an effective organisation structure

ESG is a must for businesses says Manuel Rodrigues of Schneider

Here’s why ESG adoption is a must for businesses

Investing in ESG initiatives not only aligns with responsible business practices but also sets companies apart from their competition

Alan's corner: How to achieve innovation through collaboration

Alan’s corner: How to achieve innovation through collaboration

The question is no longer whether you are open or not to the idea of collaboration, because survival demands it

Retail sector trends from Kearney

Here’s how companies can adapt to changes in the retail sector

By monitoring the signals of shifts in consumer spending closely, retailers can effectively plan their supply chain operations and avoid overstocked shelves