The Property Bubble That Doesn’t Burst

The behemoth Indian real estate market is said to be at the brink of a collapse that isn’t quite happening.

Buy Now Before UAE Rents Go Up

Dubai Property oversupply is vanishing fast, says Peter Cooper, editor of

How to Get the Corner Office

Gulf Business asked local leaders for tips on success as the region enters a new period of growth. So what does it take to make it big in the Gulf and how do you secure the top office?

Fadi Arbid, CEO of Amwal AlKhaleej

Five minutes with… Fadi Arbid, CEO of Amwal AlKhaleej

Saudi CEOs Earn Highest Salary

Where is the best place to make your millions in the region? Gulf Business ranks the GCC states in order of highest earning potential.

Regional SWFs Look Inward

As GCC SWFs begin to invest closer to home, the West may find itself with an increasingly empty begging bowl.

Business Strategy This Summer

GCC companies must reorganise their activities rather than hibernate during summer, writes leadership expert, Tommy Weir.

Tarek Sultan, chairman of Agility

Five mins with… The chairman of Agility, the region’s largest logistics firm.

The End Of India’s Financial Fairytale

India’s growth story seems to be losing its glimmer, writes Matein Khalid, a fund manager in a royal investment office.

Charity Offers Beneficiaries A Hand Up

New Forms of Philanthropy Offer Beneficiaries a “Hand up,” not just a “Handout”, says Justin Sykes.

How To Become Global

Regional firms must work out exactly who they are before hitting the world stage, says CEO of Booz & Co.

Ship Finance Running Dry

Lending to the shipping industry is facing stormy waters amid a difficult global backdrop.

Exclusive Interview: Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, Mashreq CEO

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair is the man behind Mashreq, the UAE’s largest privately owned bank. In a rare interview he opens up to Alicia Buller on the greed culture that engulfed the UAE’s
banks and lurched the industry into crisis.

Betting On Libya’s Future

The demise of Gaddifi has unleashed a treasure trove of opportunity, but one that’s fraught with risk.

Tracking Qatar’s Next Move

Qatar’s government is hoping that its nascent non-oil sector will keep the economic engine running.

How Do You Ask For A Promotion?

Work hard and prepare from day one, writes Carrie Shanahan, consultant at The Gulf Recruitment Group.

A Growing Love Affair

Travellers from the GCC love all that Europe has to offer in terms of shopping, medical treatments and good weather.

Swimming Downstream

The Gulf is refining its billion-dollar petrochemicals agenda to supply value-added products across the globe.

Another False Start?

It’s unclear whether a recent surge in Islamic finance activity will lead to much-needed change.

Fast Talk For Infiniti

Nissan vice president Andy Palmer spills the beans on Infiniti’s race to beat Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

Employees Without Roots

Local firms must make staff feel at home, writes Dr. Tommy Weir, advisor on emerging market leadership.

Mashreq: “Dubai Will Be Back”

Exclusive full interview: Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair reveals why he’s going back to basics.

World’s Top 10 Givers

Gulf Business rounds up a list of the most generous philanthropists from across the world.

Hallowed Be Thy Plane

EXCLUSIVE: Bruce Dickinson gives an interview to Gulf Business and discusses his double-life as a commercial airline pilot.

Egypt’s President: The GCC’s Pick?

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mursi and ex-PM Shafiq will contest in Egypt’s run-off presidential elections in June.

The Ascent Of Aluminium

The GCC’s share of global aluminium production could reach ten per cent by 2022, but the sector faces hazards.

Passing On The Parcel

Boosted by the GCC’s rapid industrialisation, courier firms are posting robust growth in the region.

Doha’s New Heart Takes Shape

Peter Shaw-Smith takes a walk through Msheireb Downtown, Qatar’s billion-dollar city centre project.

Man City’s Rich Rise To Glory

Abu Dhabi shelled out close to $1 billion on Manchester City’s Barclays Premier League title, writes Neil Churchill

Have I Got News For You

As Sky News Arabia and Al Arab add to the region’s existing basket of Arabic news channels, can they gain marketshare?