The 7 Types Of Handshake And How To Manage Them
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The 7 Types Of Handshake And How To Manage Them

The 7 Types Of Handshake And How To Manage Them

Corporate executives often shake hands in different ways. And while most of us are aware of the famous ‘wet fish’ greeting, there’s a range of awkward handshakes to prepare for.


In an increasingly competitive business world, it’s vital to make the right impression to stand out from the crowd. It all starts with the handshake.

Here are some different types of handshake and how to deal with them, according to business expert Penny Edge, founder of the Finishing Academy UK consultancy.

Power Shake

To avoid the power shake step in with left foot when you see the power shake coming. This will invade the other person’s space and put them off kilter.

Board Room Shake

This person shakes hands strongly and grips the forearm with the other hand. Usually it is a managing director who wants to show control.

Bone Crusher Shake

While this grip may be okay between two alpha males, in most circumstances it is too hard and holds for too long.

Wet Fish Shake

This is known as the limp lettuce handshake. If you’re on the receiving end, take control by adjusting this handshake and giving two firm shakes.

Confident Shake

This is described as a firm hold with two shakes and eye contact.

Empathetic Shake

This type of handshake involves a brush of the forearm with the left hand for no longer than three to four seconds. Those who use this type of handshake will have an 80 per cent chance of getting on well with the other person. Be warned though – touching for longer than five seconds invades the other person’s personal space.

Patronising Shake

Do not grab hold of the other person’s wrist when shaking hands.

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