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Top 10 Best Employers In The Middle East

DHL and Microsoft lead the list, finds the latest survey by Aon Hewitt.

Lack Of Life Skills A Risk For Future Leaders

Middle East managers concerned about how to manage expectations and retain Gen Y, reveals new study.

5 Minutes With… Jakob Beck Thomsen, CEO, Saxo Bank

The boss of the Dubai arm of Saxo Bank says he is confident about the UAE’s financial climate.

Revealed: Top 10 Best CEOs In The World

INSEAD, along with the Harvard Business Review, ranks the best performing chief executives in the world.

How To Get On With Your Colleagues

There are four type of individual communication style: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and audio digital.

5 Mins With Mona Ataya, CEO of Mumzworld

The founder of the baby’s clothing empire aims to tap the MENA’s region’s $5 billion annual online spend.

The 7 Types Of Handshake And How To Manage Them

Corporate executives often shake hands in different ways. And while most of us are aware of the famous ‘wet fish’ greeting, there’s a range of awkward handshakes to prepare for.

Why Your Boss Is Being Horrid To You

The first in a series of exclusive leadership articles from Dubai-based business author, Nicolai Tillisch.

How To Make The Right Impression

The first in a series of etiquette columns from Penny Edge, founder of the Finishing Academy UK.

World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction

Gulf Business reveals the most expensive cars to have gone under the hammer.

World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Watches

Gulf Business rounds up the world’s most expensive and exclusive watches featuring plenty of white gold and a lot of diamonds.

Top 10 Cars Driven By CEOs

Gulf Business checks out the high-powered wheels driven by those who sit in the corner office.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting A Promotion

Gulf Business lists the main factors holding you back from becoming the boss.

The Most Expensive Gadget Splurges

Gulf Business lists the most expensive gadgets money can buy.

Top 10 Reasons Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

If you can’t stand your boss, have you ever wondered if they can stand you? Gulf Business lists the top 10 reasons why your boss may not be your biggest fan.

Top 10 Reasons People Want To Leave Their Job

Even in the midst of a global recession people still want to leave their jobs. Gulf Business draws up the top 10 reasons why.

Best Gadgets for the Corner Office

Gulf Business lists the gadgets you need to have if you’re about to step into the corner office.

5 Minutes With… Phil Broad, MD, Jumeirah Restaurants

Phil Broad says Jumeirah is set for mass global expansion through franchising models.

The Gulf’s Top 10 Tweeters

As the 140-characters social media platform continues to reel in its rival Facebook, the Gulf has finally caught up with the rest of the world and embraced Twitter.

The Highest Offices in the World

Gulf Business brings you a list of the tallest towers from across the world.

Top 10 Leadership Tweets from Gulf Icons

A round up of some of the region’s best leadership advice in 140 characters.

12 Ways To Get The Job You Want

Keeping yourself on top form will attract top employers, but it’s not just a one-off habit, it’s about lifetime techniques.

The Gulf’s Top Five Offices

Gulf Business takes a look at the region’s coolest offices:

How to Get the Corner Office

Gulf Business asked local leaders for tips on success as the region enters a new period of growth. So what does it take to make it big in the Gulf and how do you secure the top office?

Saudi CEOs Earn Highest Salary

Where is the best place to make your millions in the region? Gulf Business ranks the GCC states in order of highest earning potential.

How Do You Ask For A Promotion?

Work hard and prepare from day one, writes Carrie Shanahan, consultant at The Gulf Recruitment Group.

Employees Without Roots

Local firms must make staff feel at home, writes Dr. Tommy Weir, advisor on emerging market leadership.

Getting Ahead In Your Career

Further education and soft skill management will help boost your chances of promotion, say experts.

Why Internships Help Your Business

Offering work experience will raise your company profile, says Nicola Tanner, founder of Smart People Coaching.

How To Get Your Boss To Say ‘Yes’

If you really want something, put your heart into it, writes Dr. Tommy Weir, advisor on emerging market leadership.