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The new Gulf economy

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Trump warns Saudi on oil prices as focus turns to re-election

Trump’s top priority is being re-elected in 2020 and so he is trying to eliminate all factors that could threaten a recession, writes Reuters columnist John Kemp

Waste-to-energy initiatives across the GCC pick up pace

The region is seeking to reduce the amount of solid waste going to landfills and find alternative energy sources

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How GCC executives should approach leadership in 2019

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Saudi private jet industry stalls after corruption crackdown

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The future of the GCC’s design industry

With the fourth edition of Dubai Design Week taking place next month, we look ahead to the increasingly popular event, and how the region’s design and architecture industries are evolving

The business of sus­tain­a­bil­i­ty

Amid a wider government push, are private sector firms taking sustainability more seriously?

Smart cities: Tackling the urbanisation challenge

Cities in the Gulf and wider world will need to take a new approach to their smart city plans to meet the challenges of urbanisation

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With privatisation plans now off the table, we investigate how close Saudi’s electric dream was to becoming a reality

The GCC’s booming religious tourism industry

With the annual Hajj pilgrimage at its core, the Gulf region’s religious tourism market has long been a thriving one. But upcoming religious attractions means the industry is looking stronger than ever

Where is Trump headed with his tougher policy toward Iran?

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Five ways to speed up your digital transformation

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Saudi women are back in the driving seat

The lifting of the female driving ban in June is symbolic in social terms, but there are wider economic benefits that could boost Saudi Arabia in many and varied ways

Keeping your data safe

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The future of free zones in the UAE

By the end of the year, foreign business owners will be able to register onshore in the UAE with 100 per cent ownership. How will this change – and others – impact the GCC’s free zone landscape?

Kuwait: Oil habits are hard to break

Kuwait’s oil dependent economy has struggled to keep pace with developments in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, but with a growing non-oil economy and ambitious development plans, the Gulf state could be turning a corner

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The rapid technological advances of recent years have changed the face of the region’s logistics and supply chain sector

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Workers in Gulf Cooperation Council cities receive among the most vacation days in the world

The Gulf Business Salary Survey 2018

Following a series of major changes relating to taxation, legislation and economic performance over the last 12 months, Gulf Business explores how the regional pay packet has been impacted