The UAE’s new healthcare paradigm?

At a roundtable meeting hosted by Gulf Business, three leading healthcare professionals discussed what needs to be done to move the industry into a new era

Huawei’s next big step

Chinese technology firm Huawei believes its latest device can set it on the path to smartphone domination

Taking off: The 2017 Dubai Airshow

Dubai’s Airshow lived up to its high reputation after a tough two years for the Gulf carriers

The rise of waste-to-energy in the GCC

With regional waste levels on the rise and dependency on fossil fuels being forced into the background, waste-to-energy is a good fit for the GCC’s future energy needs

Dubai’s innovation showcase

This year’s GITEX Technology Week proved to be a key barometer of the emirate’s progress in becoming a digital hub

Why Saudi may struggle to repatriate assets after corruption crackdown

The anti-corruption committee detained princes, tycoons and ministers last weekend

New Saudi mega city NEOM is Crown Prince’s desert dream

Future reforms are expected to cut subsidies, raise taxes, overhaul an outdated education system

Lack of women in Middle East workforce hinders growth

More women than men go to university in the MENA region

Checking the pulse of the Dubai real estate market

Amid a mixed forecast, this year’s Cityscape Global conference was, as usual, a key indicator of the health of the Dubai real estate market

Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Attendees at this year’s Sharjah FDI Forum learned how the world’s next big step forward would have an impact on investment and our daily lives

What to expect at Gitex this year

The annual Gitex Technology Week reflects the region’s mounting emphasis on digital transformation

Smart cities: Is the GCC seeing the transformation?

From less traffic congestion on roads to connected healthcare systems, smart cities are hoped to revolutionise the way the region functions

Eight cyber security principles needed to protect the public

Why it is important to protect the ‘digital aqueducts’ of society

The GCC’s automotive downturn

The Gulf’s automotive market is going through a tough period as the broader regional downturn hits consumer spending

Why China sets an example for Saudi’s MSCI inclusion

China’s inclusion in MSCI’s main indices can provide lessons for Saudi Arabia

The changing face of the workforce

New technology is leading to dramatic shifts in the way companies operate

Is Saudi’s bold vision taking shape?

Heralding major reforms, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 programme was launched with much gusto last year. Has there been significant progress?

What digital payment regulation means for the UAE

The UAE Central Bank is introducing a new initiative in line with global movement on digital payments

Navigating financial market fluctuations in the UAE and worldwide

Here’s how brokers should deal with market volatility

All you need to know about the UAE’s tax administration system

The UAE recently issued a federal law for Tax Procedures

Taxing tobacco in the GCC

As the GCC begins implementing an excise tax on tobacco, industry insiders urge for measures to ensure illicit trade doesn’t flourish

India and the GCC: Bound by history

As India celebrates its Independence Day this month, we look at the changing trade and business links with one of its oldest partners

The digital dilemma for SMEs

With digital transformation continuing to increase in importance for companies, what are the opportunities and challenges facing SMEs?

FinTech trends in GCC banking

The key aspects of FinTech that the region’s banks must consider in the coming months

Is Saudi Arabia ready for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index?

What Saudi Arabia needs to do to prepare for the shift

How the Gulf can lead in digital banking within the next two years

Managing director of financial services for MENA at Accenture, Amr El Saadani, explains how GCC countries can leapfrog their way to the top of the digital banking tree

Revealed: The highest temperatures ever witnessed in the GCC

Kuwait sets the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in the eastern hemisphere

Three ways Fintech is transforming everyday life

FinTech comes to the fore in the GCC

With advances in financial technology developing at pace, we look at how the GCC fits into the global picture

The mysterious (and continuing) fall in Saudi foreign reserves

The kingdom’s net foreign assets shrank by $36bn in the first four months of 2017

RAK’s bid to become a global tourism destination

Once a sleepy weekend getaway for UAE residents, Ras Al Khaimah is rapidly transforming into an international destination in its own right