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The climate crisis: Is the GCC doing enough in the sustainability space?

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Is remote working set to become the new normal?

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When will the oil war end?

While global policymakers take steps to shore up their economies from the fallout of Covid-19, the meltdown in oil demand and oversupply continue to pull crude prices lower

social media

With social collaborations growing, it’s time to pose the mental health question

As social media platforms enter the workplace, will they eventually lead HR departments to become counselling centres

How the region’s startup ecosystem is gaining ground

What do startups look for to start off on the right foot in the region

As the coronavirus spreads, what are the regional implications?

The coronavirus infection that has left China grappling, has also managed to disrupt the global supply chain

Is online grocery shopping the new normal?

The transition from ordering cooked meals to fresh produce online may be a slow one in the region, but is that trend set to change soon?

Revolutionising recruitment

Should algorithms judge human proficiency?

Are startups ‘gearing’ up to change the UAE’s transportation dynamics?

Several alternatives have emerged to traditional vehicle ownership and leasing options

Private equity is starting 2020 with more cash than ever before

Low interest rates, the rise of index-tracking funds and lacklustre hedge fund performance have pushed investors to private equity in search of higher returns

Biggest milestones for the oil industry in 2019

What distinguished the developments of 2019 was not just how big they were but often how little impact they had

IPO bankers face headwinds from Silicon Valley to Saudi Arabia

The top global banks’ fees from equity capital markets transactions are set to fall as much as 15 per cent this year

What comes next for the region’s aviation sector?

Earlier this year, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) downgraded its 2019 profit forecast for the global air transport industry

UK: Is the worst over as yet?

The UK has technically evaded recession but as uncertainty around Brexit looms large, the economy continues to trudge along

New trade routes: Scramble for the Arctic

Thawing ice caused by climate change could lead to big changes for trade. But not everyone is warming to the idea

What is the future of food imports in the GCC?

Live sheep are again being sent by boat from Australia, and bird flu fears remain an ever-present threat to the chicken supply

Are big companies in the UAE doing enough to foster young talent and startups?

A number of organisations are hosting their own startup hubs

The rise of sports tourism in the Middle East

A number of high-profile sporting events in the region could just be the beginning for a booming industry

Airline seatback screens may be an endangered species

The advent of onboard wifi has given airlines the option of using your phone or tablet as a portal for films, television shows and video games

The appetite for wind energy in the GCC

A number of wind energy projects have recently come on-line or are in development in the region

Why good audio systems are essential for business growth

The experience of conference calls let down by hard-to-use technology and poor sound quality is a familiar frustration

Growing pull towards entrepreneurship in the UAE

A recent survey suggests that almost seven out of 10 employees want to start their own companies despite concerns over procuring finances

From Iraq to Yemen, drones raise US alarm over Iranian plans

Tehran and the forces it backs are increasingly relying on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), say officials

Safeguarding talent in the Gulf

We examine how the the Gulf region is inspiring a new generation of business leaders

Travel 4.0: Are GCC hotels ready for the youth?

When they travel, the region’s youth have a different set of expectations in mind. Are the GCC’s hotels fulfilling their needs?

Global economic slowdown hits diesel consumption

Global manufacturers have reported falling export orders for eight months since September, writes Reuters columnist John Kemp

Six tips to help you succeed as an entrepreneur in the GCC

Commitment to the business and having a purpose is key

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With economic headwinds impacting the global economy, we delve into how the GCC’s luxury market is coping

What do the wealthiest individuals invest in? 

As the number of ultra high net worth individuals rises, is prime property enjoying renewed interest?