UAE residence visa

Everything you need to know if you plan to travel in and out of the UAE

Travel protocols have changed in the UAE in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic

Why the regional fintech ecosystem is booming

Regional fintech startups hold tremendous room for growth

Bahrain digitisation

Why digitalisation has helped Bahraini banks escape the brunt of Covid-19

As Covid-enforced social distancing measures became commonplace, Bahrainis turned increasingly online to conduct financial services

How should regional economies rebuild a post-Covid world

Sustainability must take priority as economies begin the process of recovering from the impact of the coronavirus

social media

Covid-19 impact: How have social platforms upped their game?

Are social networks trying to capitalise on “social” distancing?

Dubai airport

Revealed: 10 big ideas post Covid-19 in the GCC

These are some of the biggest trends set to shape the region post pandemic, according to LinkedIn

How has Covid-19 impacted the startup ecosystem in the GCC?

The pandemic has adversely affected the regional startup ecosystem. But there is help

Covid-19 impact on the GCC’s real estate sector: Are there any housing concerns?

How can real estate developers in the GCC adapt to the upheaval that the coronavirus has caused across the region?

Covid-19 impact on the GCC’s travel and tourism sector: When will it pick up again?

The travel and tourism industry has indisputably faced the biggest brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic. Are there answers on when things will improve?

How the ‘text’ we read drives us?

The words we read and the sentences we listen to have an enormous bearing on our approach to life

Message from regional marketing leaders: Time to be seen

Senior regional marketers from across various industries reveal why and how brands must communicate in the current situation

Covid-19 impact on GCC trade: How are the regional supply chains faring?

As a key international trading partner, how is the region protecting its supply chain during the current crisis?

Revamping tax regimes in the digital economy

A consensus seems to be developing that tax regimes need to adopt a global approach to confront challenges posed by technological advances

social media

What’s trending socially in the GCC

Here’s an overview and analysis of the latest social media news and trends in the GCC

Will digital healthcare tools revamp the regional medical landscape?

As technology drives the future of all industries, healthcare startups may help shape the future of medicine too

The climate crisis: Is the GCC doing enough in the sustainability space?

While many regional companies are championing the cause, more needs to be done

Is remote working set to become the new normal?

The coronavirus infection that has left the world reeling, is also changing how businesses operate

When will the oil war end?

While global policymakers take steps to shore up their economies from the fallout of Covid-19, the meltdown in oil demand and oversupply continue to pull crude prices lower

social media

With social collaborations growing, it’s time to pose the mental health question

As social media platforms enter the workplace, will they eventually lead HR departments to become counselling centres

How the region’s startup ecosystem is gaining ground

What do startups look for to start off on the right foot in the region

As the coronavirus spreads, what are the regional implications?

The coronavirus infection that has left China grappling, has also managed to disrupt the global supply chain

Is online grocery shopping the new normal?

The transition from ordering cooked meals to fresh produce online may be a slow one in the region, but is that trend set to change soon?

Responsible AI

Revolutionising recruitment

Should algorithms judge human proficiency?

Are startups ‘gearing’ up to change the UAE’s transportation dynamics?

Several alternatives have emerged to traditional vehicle ownership and leasing options

Private equity is starting 2020 with more cash than ever before

Low interest rates, the rise of index-tracking funds and lacklustre hedge fund performance have pushed investors to private equity in search of higher returns

Biggest milestones for the oil industry in 2019

What distinguished the developments of 2019 was not just how big they were but often how little impact they had

IPO bankers face headwinds from Silicon Valley to Saudi Arabia

The top global banks’ fees from equity capital markets transactions are set to fall as much as 15 per cent this year

What comes next for the region’s aviation sector?

Earlier this year, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) downgraded its 2019 profit forecast for the global air transport industry

UK: Is the worst over as yet?

The UK has technically evaded recession but as uncertainty around Brexit looms large, the economy continues to trudge along

New trade routes: Scramble for the Arctic

Thawing ice caused by climate change could lead to big changes for trade. But not everyone is warming to the idea