Global Crisis Rewrites Education Rules

Business education will never be the same again writes Professor Alex Scott, director of teaching and learning, Edinburgh Business School, Dubai Campus

Dubai Property Bounces Back

There’s a new IT girl in town this week, and her name is property, writes Meghna Pant, features editor of Gulf Business.

Why Dubai Is Back For Good

Forget batting down the hatches for Ramadan, Dubai’s back and busier than ever, writes Alicia Buller, editor of Gulf Business

The Property Bubble That Doesn’t Burst

The behemoth Indian real estate market is said to be at the brink of a collapse that isn’t quite happening.

Buy Now Before UAE Rents Go Up

Dubai Property oversupply is vanishing fast, says Peter Cooper, editor of

Business Strategy This Summer

GCC companies must reorganise their activities rather than hibernate during summer, writes leadership expert, Tommy Weir.

The End Of India’s Financial Fairytale

India’s growth story seems to be losing its glimmer, writes Matein Khalid, a fund manager in a royal investment office.

Charity Offers Beneficiaries A Hand Up

New Forms of Philanthropy Offer Beneficiaries a “Hand up,” not just a “Handout”, says Justin Sykes.

Man City’s Rich Rise To Glory

Abu Dhabi shelled out close to $1 billion on Manchester City’s Barclays Premier League title, writes Neil Churchill

SME Utopia?

The UAE only needs to make small changes to become a paradise for small businesses, says Nigel Sillitoe, MD of Insight Discovery

Dark Clouds Over Lebanese Banks

The turmoil in the Arab region will affect Beirut’s financial sector, says Matein Khalid, fund manager in a royal investment office.

Leading In the Fast Lane

An engaged workforce will help you get ahead in 2012, says Dr. Tommy Weir, advisor on emerging market leadership.

What’s Your Leadership Brand?

Big brand companies are led by leaders with a strong personal brand, writes leadership expert, Tommy Weir

Getting Your Investment Strategy Right

Investors are advised to go bearish, says Matein Khalid, advisor in a royal funds office

The Future Of GCC Private Equity

The systemic risk in GCC private equity funds was grossly underestimated by investors who assumed that the region’s equity and property bubbles would last forever.

The Arab Spring: Democratic Dawn, Economic Twilight

No matter the concessions to regional unrest, controlled state economies may not offer a solution in a networked global economy with unfettered capital markets.