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5 Mins With…Kees Hartzuiker, CEO, Roya International

5 Mins With…Kees Hartzuiker, CEO, Roya International

Boss of Dubai-founded hospitality company Roya says Qatar and Saudi Arabia will drive new business


What is your company currently focusing on?

As a hospitality consultancy, our key focus continues to be serving our many long-term clients with both their current and future portfolios, and to assist them in different ways to reach the best decisions. More recently as Roya, we have put greater emphasis on geographical expansion within key territories in the Middle East and Africa.

Are you concerned that the current volatile global economic climate will affect your strategy?
Not really, as our work is fairly evenly distributed across new developments and existing operations, coupled with more and more geographical diversification. Undoubtedly, market stability and investor confidence would allow for more rapid growth, nevertheless we are well positioned enjoying a significant number of new business enquiries.

What are the growth areas currently for your industry?
The hospitality sector in this part of the world has seen impressive growth over the past decade, this is set to continue with KSA and Qatar currently leading the way.
What new products/ services is your company launching?
Whilst restaurant development has always featured, we are putting more emphasis and resources into this area, bringing new brands to the region as well as developing our own and taking them beyond our region.

Will you be expanding into new territory?
We keep going further a field, and as for many other industries, Africa is enjoying a lot of interest; we are currently engaged on various assignments ranging from resorts on the east coast to urban developments in the north.
What was the biggest challenge for businesses in your sector in 2012?

Good advice is difficult to price, the focus needs to be on the value that is being added. Too often differentiation is being made on the lowest expense versus the positive impact on the investments and subsequent returns.

Will you be hiring soon?
Yes, we are in the fortunate situation of growth, also we are always looking for individuals to bring new ideas and experiences especially from other regions.

What’s your leadership style?
I believe leadership is about providing the organisation with a clear vision, ensuring there is passion, quick and committed decision making and a sense that the team is more important than the individual.

What’s make a perfect employee ?

Not sure there is such a thing, but I suppose some of the headlines for me would be – a good listener, someone who takes responsibility and initiative as well as giving and sharing credit for success. 

Describe success in five words…

Integrity, partnership, longevity, fun and results

Three tips for becoming the boss?
Work smart, let others around you be the success story and pursue your passion

When I’m not at work I like to…
Play golf and spend quality hours with the family


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