Thousands of workers abandoned in Saudi won’t leave without pay

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Gold is not all that glisters – diamonds act as hedge for the rich

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Saudi Telecom Company turns to millennials for growth

The former monopoly is hoping its new brand will give it an edge in Saudi Arabia’s booming youth market

Accor targets luxury growth in ME following FRHI takeover

The French hotel operator took over FRHI Hotels & Resorts in a landmark deal this week

A closer look: Britain’s new PM and the Middle East

During her time as home secretary, Theresa May has fostered relations with several Middle Eastern nations

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Mergers and acquisitions could create a number of benefits, including increased scale for businesses

What Brexit means for the Gulf

It may not be the next global recession but Brexit cannot be ignored in the region

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UAE special forces are orchestrating the hunt for al Qaeda in remote deserts and mountains

Market volatility to intensify as Brexit vote looms

Expats urged to keep a close eye on their investments as Thursday’s vote approaches

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PPPs allow investment in public infrastructure to be accelerated

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Saxo Bank’s Steen Jakobsen suggests GCC economies should be heading in a different direction

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Regional companies can help their employees improve their career paths

Why French navy shipbuilder DCNS is eyeing the GCC

As GCC countries seek to strengthen their defence capabilities, DCNS says it is ready and waiting to sign deals

‘Bachelor ban’ limits thousands of migrant workers in Qatar

So-called “bachelor bans” bar lone men from entering malls and parks on certain days of the week in the Gulf state

Saudi aims to salvage delayed $10bn financial district

The King Abdullah Financial District remains a construction site more than 10 years after its launch

Will Saudi’s $2 trillion fund have much clout abroad?

Saudi’s new Public Investment Fund is planned to become “the largest fund in the world by far”

Will Saudi raise enough revenues for its new economic reform plan to work?

The kingdom’s plan requires tens of billions of dollars of fresh revenue from the private sector

Why the oil rally is losing momentum

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Why buy Liverpool and why now?

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Why is there a lack of coverage of Gulf stock markets, examines MR Raghu

After the flydubai tragedy, should we be worried about safety in the air?

Despite all the fears, today’s air travel is safer than it has ever been

'It’s riskier when someone recommends a woman to a top position' - expert

‘It’s riskier when someone recommends a woman to a top position’ – expert

People are ‘more aware’ when a female business leader fails

Saudi Aramco could be worth $10 trillion following listing – reports

Analysts estimate the company could be worth more than 10 times Apple Inc’s peak of $756bn

Cheap oil weans Gulf state firms off public purse, pushes them to market

Building projects from universities to soccer stadiums were funded entirely by the public purse but that is changing due to low oil prices

Saudi’s automotive ambitions grow

Saudi Arabia is planning to become the region’s car manufacturing hub