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Davos: MBRGI, WEF announce Dhs11m grant for food innovation initiatives

Davos: MBRGI, WEF announce Dhs11m grant for food innovation initiatives

MBRGI signed a letter of intent to enable the grant with UpLink Platform on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, taking place in Davos

G42 invests in new edge computing firm Analog

UAE’s G42 unveils new edge computing firm Analog

The venture’s journey from concept to reality is marked by human-focused innovation, design, and solutions that resonate on a human level

MBRGI and WFP Dhs43m-contributed-to-food-support-in-Gaza-GettyImages

Gaza relief: UAE’s MBRGI contributes Dhs43m in direct food aid

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives has inked a new agreement with WFP to implement sustainable food projects and deliver food aid

Renée McGowan, CEO of Marsh McLennan IMEA

WEF’s 2024 global risk matrix: GCC a beacon of hope

Renée McGowan, CEO of Marsh McLennan IMEA, says the GCC is in a stable position where it could have a positive impact on world affairs.

Fluent Finance to develop stablecoin technologies in the UAE

Fluent Finance to develop stablecoin technologies in the UAE

The web3 company is piloting the Fluent Economic Bridge platform in Kenya and plans to develop a digital trade corridor with the UAE

World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum predicts technologies set to shape the next five years

The Top 10 Emerging Technologies Report 2023 showcases the technologies selected by a panel of experts based on multiple criteria

UAE partners with WEF to support trade tech initiative

UAE partners with WEF to support trade tech initiative

The new initiative aims to digitalise international supply chains to enable faster and cost-efficient trade

gender gap 2022

UAE ranked first among Arab countries in Gender Gap Report

As per the report, UAE was ranked 68th globally in the report, moving up four positions from last year


Pandemic sparks surge of female entrepreneurship in the UAE – report

New data from LinkedIn and World Economic Forum shows that gender bias and economic impact of the pandemic led to a rise in ‘necessity entrepreneurs’

Davos 2022: High-level representation from the Middle East

From a regional perspective, the Middle East was well represented with the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain officials participating


Saudi tourism official clarifies country’s stand on alcohol consumption

Princess Haifa Mohammed Al-Saud, the kingdom’s assistant minister of tourism, spoke on the subject at the World Economic Forum in Davos

What are the biggest issues being discussed at Davos 2022?

Some issues to be discussed at Davos 2022 include the Ukraine crisis, the lingering threat of the pandemic, inflation and the shifting geopolitical influence.

The benchmarks countries must hit to reach net-zero emissions

More than 100 countries have pledged to get to net-zero emissions in the next 30 years

GCC’s higher education sector: Chalking out the future of tomorrow

As industrial revolution and digital advancements scale the demand for technical and cross-functional skills, how has the regional higher education space responded?

Global downturn risks becoming prolonged recession – WEF

High unemployment, lack of progress in reducing carbon emissions and exacerbated inequalities are all possible side effects of the pandemic

World Economic Forum: A glimpse into the future

A robot holds a newspaper during a demonstration during the World Economic Forum annual meeting…