President Mohamed talks to President Assad

UAE President receives Syria’s Bashar al-Assad

The UAE President drew attention to the need to make all available efforts to facilitate the return of Syrian refugees with dignity to their country

UAE President sends additional $50m in releif aid to Syria -e1674207563941

UAE President orders additional $50m in relief aid for Syria

The UAE is continuing to send relief supplies to Syria and Türkiye, with more than 70 flights sent to both countries so far, carrying food, medical supplies and other items


Rescue efforts continue a week after Turkey, Syria earthquakes

The death toll in Turkey and Syria from the earthquakes and major aftershocks rose above 35,000

Emirates sets up humanitarian airbridge to transport aid to Syria, Türkiye

Dubai’s Emirates sets up humanitarian airbridge to transport aid to Syria, Türkiye

The emergency aid on Istanbul-bound flights will be delivered to earthquake-stricken sites in southern Türkiye and Syria


Twitter access restricted in Turkey days after massive earthquakes

Restrictions to the social-media platform started Wednesday afternoon

UAE President sends aid worth $100m to Syria, Türkiye

As many as 5,894 people have succumbed to the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye

UAE establishes field hospital, sends search and rescue team to Türkiye, Syria

UAE establishes field hospital, sends search and rescue teams to Türkiye, Syria

Death toll from earthquakes that jolted southern Türkiye crossed 2,900

Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions: Vietnam, Turkey, Tunisia, Tanzania, Syria, Slovenia, South Africa, Serbia

Here’s a list of eight participating country pavilions and their offerings

UAE Foreign Minister meets Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus

The two leaders discussed developments in the Middle East and Syria

Revealed: Top 5 most powerful Arabs in finance

The highest ranking entries from the world of finance in Gulf Business’ annual Arab power list 2020

Top 100 most powerful Arabs 2018

Amid a sea of change across the Gulf region, our 2018 ranking has received a major shakeup from the previous year

Kurds Issue New Call To Arms Against Islamic State In Syria

The Kurdistan Workers Party renewed a call for the youth of Turkey’s mostly Kurdish southeast to rise up and rush to save the frontier town of Kobani.

Syria’s Rural Economy Adapts As Conflict Spreads

Although much of the country’s industrial production has been hit, the rural economy has been less affected by the turmoil.

Gulf States Warn Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately

The UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have all told their residents to leave the country amid threats of kidnappings.