Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions: Vietnam, Turkey, Tunisia, Tanzania, Syria, Slovenia, South Africa, Serbia
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Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions: Vietnam, Turkey, Tunisia, Tanzania, Syria, Slovenia, South Africa, Serbia

Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions: Vietnam, Turkey, Tunisia, Tanzania, Syria, Slovenia, South Africa, Serbia

Here’s a list of eight participating country pavilions and their offerings

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Expo 2020 Dubai is the very first world expo where every participating country has its own pavilion.

Each of the 192 country pavilions – spread across the three main districts of sustainability, mobility and opportunity – will have the chance to showcase their innovations and strategies.

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Here’s a glimpse at another eight of the 192 pavilions at this year’s event.

Image Courtesy: Expo 2020 website

Architect: I5 And MarknB. | Location: Opportunity District 

Stop by the Vietnamese pavilion to catch a glimpse of what makes the indigenous cuisine so enticing. Meanwhile, Vietnam’s water puppetry offers a glimpse into its local culture, an art form for both the young and old.

Visitors can also experience an immersive journey to Vietnam’s compelling destinations.

Image Courtesy: Turkey Expo2020 Twitter

Architect: Dream Design Factory | Location: Sustainability District 

At the Turkish pavilion, visitors will be able to visit the country virtually. All its seven regions are displayed in a digital world created in the pavilion.

Meanwhile, guests will also be able to savour the different cultural foods on offer at the event.

Image Courtesy: Tunisiaexpodubai Instagram

Architect: DWTC – DXB Live | Location: Opportunity District 

The lobby of the Tunisian pavilion offers a modern Tunisian universe, a mosaic floor and zenithal radiance, while its immersive areas reveal a futuristic and immersive universe that showcases the country’s history throughout its years.

Its souk, however, shares a modern artistic installation inspired by Southern Tunisian monuments.

Image Courtesy: Expotanzania Instagram

Architect: Thematic District Pavilion | Location: Mobility District 

Walk through the streets of Dar es Salaam or enjoy a virtual safari, all possibilities at the Tanzanian pavilion. Visitors will also see how the country aims to become a trading hub that connects Africa to the world.

Image Courtesy: Syriaexpo2020 Instagram

Architect: XYZ Designers | Location: Mobility District 

The Syrian pavilion has on display, a collective art exhibition by local artists to help rethink individual and human identity away from narrow biases and affiliations.

All the paintings are signed with ‘I am Syrian’ to convey a message of unity. Meanwhile, the Designers Boutique allows contemporary Syrian designers and craftspeople to showcase their creations.

Image Courtesy: Slovenia_at_expo Instagram

Architect: Robert Klun And Sandi Pirš | Location: Sustainability District 

The pavilion illustrates a floating green oasis on the water surface to highlight Slovenian wisdom, innovation and energy.

Located on a 1,550 m2 exhibition space, the pavilion is designed as a smart environment that will allow visitors to virtually visit and experience the future using advanced digital solutions.

Image Courtesy: Expo2020 Twitter

South Africa: 
Architect: MultiChoice Group | Location: Opportunity District 

Explore South Africa’s investment opportunities through an interactive digital display.

The pavilion offers the country’s finest tourism products as well as a confluence of people, landscapes, culinary experiences and languages.

Image Courtesy: Expo2020Serbia Instagram

Architect: A3 Architects Studio | Location: Mobility District 

At the pavilion, visitors can experience a virtual reality ‘exhibition of exhibitions’ of Serbian ideas, encompassing local contemporary art and design as well as great scientists, treasures of the National Museum of Serbia, the Tesla Museum and the City of Belgrade museum.

The pavilion also showcases how the country is leading the way in tech/ICT, startups and innovation, health, digital e-government, creative industries, agriculture and e-agriculture, and digital education.

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