Niven Al-Khoury on diabetes management strategies to be effective

Insights: How Saudi Arabia is making strides in diabetes control and prevention

There are an estimated 4.2 million patients suffering from diabetes in Saudi Arabia, out of which 1.8 million are undiagnosed

How AI can transform boardrooms Dr M Muneer image credit Getty Images-1418475387

Insights: How AI can transform boardrooms

Boards can enhance shareholder engagement with AI by analysing shareholder feedback and identifying key concerns and priorities

Qatari banks’ external debt

Qatari banks’ external debt: Is the problem over?

One of the main sources of concern for the Qatari banking system has been the build-up of external debt

Abu Dhabi gaining appeal among global HNWIs GettyImages-665435021

Abu Dhabi real estate gaining popularity among global HNWIs: Knight Frank

According to Knight Frank’s survey, 45 per cent of global HNWIs indicated that the emirate’s development plans enhanced its appeal as an investment destination

Rashid Aljneibi on charGPT and AI impacting customer relationships Image e& enterprise

Insights: Revolutionising customer support with AI-powered conversations  

ChatGPT provides businesses with a powerful tool for automating routine tasks, improving customer interactions and reducing costs

Chris Roberts group CEO Eltizam Group Image Supplied

Eltizam Group’s Chris Roberts shares AI’s impact on property management, other trends

The group’s chief executive officer tells Gulf Business why digital transformation and upskilling are key to the future of a company, and how tech is transforming the real estate and property management sectors

ola Chudy on the joys of running Image supplied

Global Running Day 2023: Does your day include time for exercise?

Global Running Day is observed on June 7, and for many busy executives, making time for fitness needs to be top of the agenda – your professional performance depends on it

LBS' Jane Khedair on why the MENA region is prime ground for VCs and startups

Insights: Why the MENA region offers exciting opportunities for VCs, startups

The abundance of family money, rising government and financial support for startups complemented by the focus on economic diversification has put the region into the spotlight

Ewa Gadomska on how to create your own personal brand_2022 image credit Ewa Gadomska

Insights: Here’s how to create your own premium personal brand

We look at effective strategies to create your own personal brand, and how to live and embody it in every way to succeed at work and business

Charles Mellagui of Ducab Sustainability in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Insights: Sustainability in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 can help manufacturing companies achieve their sustainability goals by improving operating efficiency, optimising cost, and eliminating sustainability issues right at the point of product design

Armin Moradi - Co-Founder & CEO at Qashio on importance of accounting automation for corporate tax Image credit Qashio

The importance on accounting automation in UAE’s corporate tax era

Businesses must assess their finance technology stack to check if the tools can effectively manage the new processes required and if the systems in place integrate efficiently to allow for seamless automation

force for good

The social side of sustainability: How businesses can be a force for good

Here’s the 5-step ‘Force for Good’ model that can ensure that the social sustainability initiatives are well poised to create deep and meaningful impact

M&A and Corporate Tax insights

Navigating M&A transactions, restructurings in the face of UAE’s corporate tax 

Buyers will need to evaluate the tax status of the target company or target assets and consider whether any restructuring is required to optimise tax efficiency


Alan’s corner: The tipping point

A strategic offering of in-store and online shopping experiences can help retailers stay relevant in current times

Corporate tax prep for SMEs Lorenzo Jooris Image credit Creative Zone

Is your SME ready for the corporate tax regime?

Here’s how to ensure your SME is set to deal with the advent of UAE’s corporate tax from June

Leadership lessons ADMC Michigan Power of flexing Sue Ashford

Leadership lessons: The power of flexing and its impact

How emerging leaders can own their growth and discover best practices from learning experiences

hytera CM Kenneth Liang interview on tech trends

Interview: Hytera’s Kenneth Liang on tech trends driving critical comms and security

The country manager for the advanced comms solutions provider shares how artificial intelligence and other tech tools are being employed extensively in the law enforcement sector

Hospitality trends: Witty D’silva, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing, Leva Hotels

Insights: 6 key trends driving growth in the hospitality sector

From hyper-personalisation to OTAs and bleisure travel to budget travel, we look at the developments boosting the hospitality industry

Measuring Climate risk insights from bloomberg LP

Opinion: Measuring climate risk and its importance

To determine a company’s exposure to climate-related risks investors need non-financial data, unlike for traditional types of financial risk

ESG and Middle Banks Arthur D Little Op-ed

Implementing ESG strategy: How Middle East banks are faring

As the region’s banks double down on their ESG efforts, the implementation of a comprehensive strategy with data governance at its core has never been more important

linkedin - hiring and retaining

Why mentoring makes a difference

Mentoring could help ensure a smooth transition for new board members and set them up for success in their role


Executive leaders are more exhausted than ever – and hybrid work could be the culprit

According to data from insurance provider Bupa Global, 96 per cent of executives in the UAE experience significant levels of mental distress

Digital healthcare is booming following COVID-19

The future of digital healthcare

Are deals and valuations resilient for the healthtech sector in 2023?


Alan’s corner: Imitation versus innovation

An essential ingredient for delivering your strategy is an effective organisation structure

How taking on complex tasks can increase focus

Our mind tends to wander more when we perform mundane tasks, compared to when we perform novel and challenging ones

ESG is a must for businesses says Manuel Rodrigues of Schneider

Here’s why ESG adoption is a must for businesses

Investing in ESG initiatives not only aligns with responsible business practices but also sets companies apart from their competition

Alan's corner: How to achieve innovation through collaboration

Alan’s corner: How to achieve innovation through collaboration

The question is no longer whether you are open or not to the idea of collaboration, because survival demands it

Tamakani milestones showcased by Aamer Sheikh PepsiCo CEO Middle East

How PepsiCo’s Tamakani initiative is empowering Saudi women

Aamer Sheikh, PepsiCo CEO Middle East, shares how the company’s women empowerment platform aims to support one million Saudi women by 2030

DHAM - Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director – Residential Communities, Dubai Holding Asset Management

Dubai Holding Asset Management’s Ahmed Al Suwaidi showcases the company’s tenant-centric focus

The managing director – Residential Communities shares how DHAM offers a broad spectrum of communities that cater to the needs of Dubai’s residential leasing landscape

Retail sector trends from Kearney

Here’s how companies can adapt to changes in the retail sector

By monitoring the signals of shifts in consumer spending closely, retailers can effectively plan their supply chain operations and avoid overstocked shelves