AI in sports: Can Presight do a Moneyball for cricket?
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Interview: Can Presight AI do a Moneyball for cricket?

Interview: Can Presight AI do a Moneyball for cricket?

Presight AI’s CEO highlights the role of data analytics in enhancing enterprise efficiency and unlocking the potential of one of world’s biggest sports

Marisha Singh

It was more than a decade ago that the 2011 film Moneyball immortalised the role of statisticians in bringing together a winning team in US’s favourite sport of baseball. The trend has only intensified and cricket is borrowing a leaf out of baseball’s playbook according to Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight AI.

Pramotedham, in conversation with Gulf Business underscores the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution taking place in the UAE, as organisations — both public and private, deploy the tech across a range of use cases – from emergency response mechanisms to sports such as cricket.

He touches upon the role of data analytics in enhancing enterprise efficiency and unlocking the potential of one of world’s biggest sports.

Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight
Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight AI

Q. What is the current status of the AI industry in the UAE, and how has the government’s role impacted it?

The AI industry in the UAE is thriving, thanks to the government’s forward-thinking approach. As one of the early adopters of mass AI adoption, the UAE is not merely a user but aims to lead in AI innovation. With the appointment of the first AI Minister, the leadership is steering the nation towards becoming an AI powerhouse.

The government’s robust adoption of AI goes beyond creation; they actively seek ways to implement it, fostering continuous learning and improvement. For anyone in the AI business, the UAE is an optimal starting point.

Q. What did you showcase at GITEX GLOBAL 2023?

GITEX GLOBAL has evolved into an international platform, gained substantial momentum over the past 40 years. We showcased our complex problem solving capabilities, and the ability to leverage data and AI to see things differently.

Our presence reflected a commitment to making AI the focal point of our operations. It’s not just about creating a captivating chat engine; it’s about applying AI in ways that enhance the daily lives of organisations and citizens alike. The ecosystem’s convergence is key—identifying the most applicable areas, ensuring sustainable AI applications across various sectors like deep tech, enterprise technology, and renewable consumer tech.

Q. Congratulations on your recent achievements, including being listed and securing multiple partnerships. Can you elaborate on these developments?

Before our listing, we were already building a robust business, addressing the needs of organisations and clients. Being listed has allowed us to expand further.

The recently announced Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with NEC and ETCC are strategic moves. Earlier this month, we announced the Presight Emergency Response Management Platform powered by AI, which is a world-first solution developed using Presight’s expertise in smart cities and public services to create a central command solution for smart incident management. The platform combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and geospatial tools like digital twins, integrated with communications and monitoring systems.

These collaborations, aid our goal of creating an interoperable platform, bringing in specialised partners for the greater good of organisations.

Q. Could you tell us how Presight is using data analytics within sports?

Sports is an exciting avenue that connects with everyone. We have expanded our presence across various sports, from our partnership with UFC to being data analytics partners for teams like Shahrukh Khan’s Abu Dhabi Knight Riders. We’re also involved in F1 racing through the G42 partnership with Mercedes.

Sports provide a tangible demonstration of what AI and big data analytics can achieve. By analysing vast amounts of data, we predict game outcomes, optimise player selection, and improve performance. Sports tell the story of our work, engaging fans and enhancing media and entertainment experiences.

Q. Building on that, can you share any insights gained from your involvement with the cricket team?

Our engagement with cricket has been a learning experience. Cricket, being a data-rich sport, offers an opportunity for digital transformation. While I can’t share specific data, I can confirm that we’re in talks with stakeholders to bring digital transformation into the sport. We are working with Abu Dhabi Knight Riders, which is an extension of Shah Rukh Khan’s IPL Kolkata Knight Riders franchise.

Data analytics can be applied in how a batsman matches up to a particular bowler, insight into pitch conditions, player fitness — actually virtually every aspect of the sport. In time, data analytics can help talent scouts get better at what they are doing.

Cricket is followed by over a billion fans, and has a unique ability to capture people’s attention. Integrating data science into it will undoubtedly showcase the potential of marrying AI and data science in an engaging way.

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