Gavin Aspden PwC

Cybersecurity is failing to keep up as digital transformation races ahead

The digital industry is suffering from a significant skills shortage, and one of the most critical areas affected by this is cybersecurity

What does the future of Expo City Dubai entail?

The next chapter: What does the future of Expo City Dubai entail?

Expo City Dubai is building on the momentum of Expo 2020 Dubai

Insights: How boards of startups can add value

When it comes to a meeting agenda, keep it simple, but make it an accountability tool

Peter Heredia

The subtle art of follow-up

The significance of following up, touching base and pursuing a client is key to closing a deal, but it’s all about how you do it

Hani Weiss Majid Al Futtaim CEO

How customer-centric technology is reshaping retail industry

Hani Weiss is the CEO at Majid Al Futtaim Retail, we spoke to him about how under a strategy of omnichannel retail, the challenges of digital transformation can be turned into opportunities

UAE ranks first across Middle East, Africa and Asia to relocate for expats

This has been due to progressive policy changes, new visa regulations and increased resident confidence on the country’s economic growth over the past two years

Why the outlook for the GCC’s construction sector is upbeat

Ambitious schemes linked to development, diversification and sustainability are favourable factors for the construction and real estate sector

UAE Construction

Special report: How UAE’s construction sector is back to business

Prominent property developers across the UAE are announcing a slew of high-end mixed-use projects

How improving sales calls can impact overall business success

Showcasing your product or service can be a challenge for a small- or medium-sized company so make the right impression on your very first call

Fazal Rahman - Director Marketing - Hisense

How Hisense has planned an extensive, 360-degree campaign for FIFA World Cup 2022

Hisense is an official sponsor of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Fazal Rahman, marketing director, Hisense Middle East & Africa sheds lights on the various marketing campaigns lined-up for the event

Alan’s corner: What it takes to be a strong leader?

In being good leaders they are also being great followers

circular economy

Supporting a circular economy is key to being a corporate citizen

Data-driven processes are more essential than ever to make the circular economy a reality, mainly by increasing the lifespan of raw materials

How to find greater value proposition in structures

A well-designed knowledge production process is not a barrier to agility and nimbleness

real estate

Cover story: Why the CEO of Seven Century Real Estate Brokers believes Dubai is fertile ground for investments

In this exclusive interview, Naghmeh Sheikholeslami speaks of resilience, prioritising customers and Dubai’s evolving real estate landscape

CEO of Breitling on growth prospects of the Swiss watch brand

Georges Kern talks about scaling his iconic watch brand in countries like China with redesigned collections


Calev’s Newsroom: Bridging ties between UAE and Israel through tourism

Israel must develop effective marketing campaigns for Emirati travellers

Queen Elizabeth II

In the Queen’s words…

These memorable quotes from Queen Elizabeth II throughout her seven decades on the throne will continue to remind us of her incredible legacy, wisdom and compassion

Stuart Rees Jones

How immersive service experiences can help students become better leaders

Operating in teams and groups and improving cultural tolerance can be key character-building factors

last mile delivery and sustainability by Bassel-El-Koussa-Co-founder-and-CEO-of-Quiqup

Last-mile delivery: Driving the agenda forward on sustainability

Enhancing underlying technology, the move towards local fulfillment, and the electrification of fleets are part of the solution

Three ways Fintech is transforming everyday life

What are the three ways fintech is transforming everyday life?

Technology has altered practically every aspect of our lives and nowhere is this more evident than in fintech, particularly payments

Naji Haddad_Deliverect_Middle East General Manager

The future of cloud kitchens: Efficiency, growth, expansion and more

Customer demand for outstanding food delivered directly to their door is rising

Family businesses

Enduring legacy: Role of family businesses in the regional ecosystem

Family businesses have contributed significantly to the wider economic landscape, credited as major drivers of job creation and inclusivity


How logistics companies are increasingly adopting sustainability practices

From reducing the overall amount of packaging used to enhanced delivery schedules that can be fulfilled in lesser trips, logistics companies are taking the sustainability route

Alan’s corner: Six characteristics that make a great leader

Effective strategies and leadership skills go a long way

New UAE visas to be introduced from September 2022

Your guide to the UAE’s new visa reforms

Looking forward to the new UAE visas rules rolling out next month? Here’s what’s on offer for tourists, residents, professionals and entrepreneurs

Cover story: Why Kuwaiti entrepreneur Talal Al Ajmi is heavily invested in the future

Founder and CEO of VI Markets, Talal Al Ajmi tells us how investing in technology has been key to his company’s growth

How to manage the demands of an evolving business environment

The importance of effective enterprise risk management has never been more crucial for senior finance executives, says Stephen McNally, CMA, CPA, chair of Institute of Management Accountants’ global board of directors for the 2021-2022 fiscal year


The ‘G’ In ESG: Exploring the impact of corporate governance

Getting the governance proposition right can present an opportunity for companies to drive sustainable, long-term value creation

3M's Irfan Malik, SVP – Safety and Industrial Business Group - EMEA

3M’s Irfan Malik shares the company’s focus on making the world a safer place

From creating reliable safety products to supporting sustainability, the SVP – Safety and Industrial Business Group 3M EMEA, shares the company’s vision and plans

Influencer Marketing

What are the business benefits of working with social media influencers?

The first important step is to identify influencers within your industry and narrow this down to those with an audience similar to your own