Hummer Ultium EV Pickup review: A legend re-invented
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GMC Hummer Ultium EV Pickup: A re-invented legend

GMC Hummer Ultium EV Pickup: A re-invented legend

The Hummer Ultium EV Pickup’s reinvention underscores the revolution taking place in the global automotive industry

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From a gas guzzler to a mean, green machine, the GMC Hummer has been transformed in just over a decade. Exchanging its 15.1 litres per 100 kilometres for over 550 kilometres of zero-emissions driving, the new GMC Hummer EV Pickup has raised the bar on electric motoring for off-road vehicles.

In an exclusive interview with a representative from General Motors (GM) Africa and Middle East, Gulf Business gained insights into the strides this vehicle has made in terms of performance, technology, and environmental impact.

First impressions

On display at the Dubai World Trade Centre during GITEX GLOBAL 2023 in tandem with e&’s charging infrastructure, the behemoth on wheels draws eyeballs for its sleek and futuristic design, and powerful stance.

The new car wears the name in bold letters on the grill and is still as excessively American as ever. Why excessive? To start with, it weighs over four tonnes, has a wheelbase of 135.6 inches and a total length of 216.8 inches. Its weight reportedly puts it out of the legal weight limit for regular driving licences in the UK. And that is definitely American excessiveness at its best.

“The amount of power and the stance that the Hummer had as a petrol car, we took all of that and put it into electric. With a large 205-kilowatt-hour battery, it boasts an impressive 1000 horsepower, accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 3 seconds,” explains Asad Ashfaq, EV specialist, General Motors Africa and Middle East.

That kind of acceleration puts the pickup in the range of supercars, and if that is not excessive for a truck we don’t know what is.

Image credit: Sourced from GMC Arabia/ For Illustrative Purpose
Image credit: Sourced from GMC Arabia

GMC Hummer undergoes a performance overhaul

“The technology driving this machine has significantly evolved since its petrol days, making it not just powerful but technologically advanced,” adds Ashfaq.

Highlighting its off-road capabilities, Ashfaq continued, “The GMC Hummer comes equipped with a suite of technologies focused on off-roading. Features like air suspension for a smoother desert ride, special off-road tires, Ultra Vision cameras for enhanced visibility on rough terrains, and artificial sound developed by our sound engineers to mimic engine acceleration, make this electric vehicle a powerhouse on and off the road.”


The GMC Hummer EV brings a 4-wheel steering that helps reduce turning radius, similar to a compact sedan, whether changing lanes on the highway, rock crawling on the trail or pulling into a parking spot. The already tight turning radius of the pickup is tightened further with the shorter wheelbase by approximately nine inches, enabling off-road maneuvers in close quarters.

Additionally, the transformed GMC Hummer features CrabWalk – a revolutionary setting that utilises the EV’s available 4-wheel steering (its rear wheels can turn up to 10 degrees in either direction) to drive diagonally at low speeds, helping it to traverse tight trails with a capability that no other pickup or SUV in its segment can match, claims GM.

The vehicle, lives up to its off-roading legacy, as it introduces a first-of-its-kind ‘Extract Mode’, as the vehicle activates its Adaptive Air Ride Suspension to raise itself approximately six inches off-ground to surmount tough obstacles.


The interior of the GMC Hummer EV Pickup features clean lines and multiple screens, immersing the driver in the modern high-tech of the electric vehicle. Right up front is the 12.3-inch diagonal colour driver information center display with an additional center-mounted 13.4-inch diagonal color touch-screen that brings all the data and access right to the driver’s fingertips. The EV is loaded with 18 different cameras, bringing great visibility during off-road conditions.

The black and white two-tone seats and dashboard are accented with metallic detailing, and all the controls feel thick and purposeful to use.

The seating layout and its finish resemble that of a spaceship (Think Space X rockets).

Charging capabilities and range

The GMC Hummer EV features the 24-module Ultium battery pack. The modular, pouch-style cells are stacked horizontally inside the battery pack. The structure and the position of the platform ensure a low center of gravity, thereby enhancing control and stability.

Addressing the charging capabilities, Ashfaq explained, “Due to its size, charging the Hummer takes time. With a 22-kilowatt AC charger commonly used at home, it takes about seven to eight hours to charge up to 80 per cent.”

“On the other hand, using a DC fast charger of about 180 kilowatts, it would take approximately two to three hours for the same charge percentage. Daily charging is efficient, considering typical daily usage doesn’t deplete the battery significantly.”

In an emergency, the vehicle charges up for a 160 kilometres ride in just 10 minutes (using a 350 kW fast charger).

Battery lifecycle and cybersecurity features

Speaking about the battery’s longevity, Ashfaq assured, “The GMC Hummer comes with an eight-year, 160,000-kilometre warranty for the battery. The modular structure of the Ultium battery allows for individual cell or module replacement, minimising costs over time.”

Addressing cybersecurity concerns, he emphasised, “With OnStar, the GMC Hummer offers robust cybersecurity features. Live tracking through OnStar is available, facilitating emergency responses and ensuring users’ safety, especially in remote areas like the desert. OnStar’s active presence in the UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia provides users with added security and support.”

The ultimate comeback

The GMC Hummer Ultium EV Pickup’s reinvention underscores the revolution taking place in the global automotive industry.

From its Hollywood-worthy transformation to its technological advancements, the GMC Hummer Ultium EV Pickup is not just a green machine; it’s the future of motoring combined with a powerful legacy. Ashfaq reveals that the vehicle has already been booked out in the UAE before deliveries have even begun for 2024.

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