Top 100 most powerful Arabs 2019

In the 12 months between last year’s list and this year’s ranking we have witnessed the rise and fall of fortunes in various ways. Some people’s reputations have flourished while others have been sullied; some companies’ profits have grown while others have dived; and some long-standing members of the Arab world’s business community have started […] Read More

Top 100 GCC Companies 2018

The GCC has enjoyed a positive year so far in 2018, with its leading 100 companies contributing to some impressive market gains in what has been a time of great change for the region. Widespread diversification, a fast-evolving tech landscape, socio-economic developments and global headwinds are among the challenges that private companies have had to […] Read More

Revealed: Top 100 GCC companies in 2017

Marmore Mena Intelligence helps us explore the ups and downs of the GCC’s leading businesses and which firms are leading the pack GCC indices have recorded mixed results so far in 2017, with the year being marked by slow recovery in oil prices and average but improved corporate earnings compared to 2016. Oman’s benchmark index […] Read More

Top 50 GCC Banks 2017

Economic growth across the GCC region weakened last year as governments’ revenues fell. This in turn negatively impacted the commercial and corporate sectors while consumer confidence and spending weakened. As a result, the GCC banking sector recorded lower returns in 2016, particularly due to increased provisioning and impairment charges as loan asset quality remained under […] Read More

Top 100 Most Powerful Arabs 2017

The last 12 months has been a period of challenge, uncertainty and change for many from the Arab region. But despite, economic, political and social headwinds the 100 individuals on our 100 Powerful Arabs list were able to maintain their power and influence, and in some cases stand taller than ever before. Read on to […] Read More

Top 100 GCC Companies 2016

It has been a difficult time for companies in the GCC, where indices continued to witness declines in 2016 due to persistent low oil prices, poor corporate earnings and diminished investments into equity markets. Looking ahead, GCC markets continue to face headwinds as oil prices hover around $50/barrel, almost 50 per cent lower than price […] Read More

Top 50 GCC Banks 2016

The GCC’s banking sector showed its resilience in 2015, growing its bottom line despite a number of big challenges. Sustained oil price weakness dampened business confidence and investor sentiment, but the region’s banks still recorded growth in assets, capital and net profit – albeit at reduced rates compared to 2014. This year will remain testing […] Read More

Arab Power List 2016

Business leaders, megastar musicians, inspirational women and respected scholars all know what it is like to wield power. Their influence over vast swathes of the population can have direct impact in a number of ways, be it financial, commercial, ethical, behavioural or something else altogether. For the fifth year running Gulf Business counts down the […] Read More

Top 50 GCC Banks 2015

The GCC banking sector had a good year in 2014 with higher profit growth and returns. The outlook for the GCC banking sector in 2015 is certainly more challenging but stable. Due to the sharply lower oil price, growth in assets and net profit for banks is unlikely to match that of last year. But […] Read More

Top 100 Powerful Arabs 2015

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female prime minister, famously said that if you have to tell people that you are powerful, you probably aren’t. It was a delightfully correct quip from a political leader once referred to as the “Iron lady” by her country’s cold war adversaries. Power is an invisible energy, measured not by the […] Read More

Top 100 GCC Companies 2014

The last year has been fabulous for GCC countries, with substantial fiscal surpluses and increased state spending ensuring healthy growth rates.Overall GCC market liquidity level surged to $414 billion in the first half of 2014, an increase of 56 per cent over the equivalent period from previous year. Read More

Top 50 GCC Banks 2014

The GCC banking sector continued to make progress in 2013 with double-digit profit growth maintained. Although some challenges remain, GCC banks are in relatively good condition with positive capitalisation, adequate profitability and comfortable liquidity. Going ahead, a further steady increase in both assets and net profits is expected, with banking activities in the region boosted […] Read More

Top 100 Powerful Arabs 2014

The region’s most authoritative business list is here… Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, founder and chairman of Saudi’s Kingdom Holding Company, once again tops the third annual list of the world’s 100 most powerful Arabs, published by Gulf Business magazine. Despite a spate of controversies, the Prince reaped some hefty profits, notably from his investment […] Read More

Top 100 GCC Companies 2013

This year began on a positive note. A strong rebound in real estate, pick-up in tourism and the hotel industry and investors’ bullish bets on Q4 corporate earnings all contributed favourably to the upsurge in the GCC markets. Sustained high oil prices and expansive fiscal and accommodative monetary policies helped the market, with further positive […] Read More

Top 50 GCC Banks 2013

The GCC banking sector recorded an improved performance in 2012, maintaining its consistent recovery over the past few years. Increased profitability in 2012 was aided by continued loan asset expansion, higher non-interest income and, for most banks, lower provisioning charges. For 2013, the outlook for the GCC banking sector is good on the whole, with […] Read More

Top 100 Powerful Arabs 2013

The region’s most authoritative business list is here… Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, founder and chairman of Saudi’s Kingdom Holding Company, tops the second annual list of the world’s 100 most powerful Arabs, published by Gulf Business magazine. The Prince enjoyed an extraordinary year as his share price more than doubled in 2012 and profits […] Read More

Top 100 most powerful Arabs 2018

It has been an eventful 12 months for those on our Arab Power List to say the least, as business leaders and cultural icons sought to navigate at times choppy waters. Some have seen their fortunes increase thanks to successful business deals and rising stock market valuations, others have seen their potential recognised with major […] Read More