Dubai Police signs deal for self-driving vehicles
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Dubai Police signs deal for self-driving vehicles

Dubai Police signs deal for self-driving vehicles

The organisations aims to have autonomous cars in its fleet by 2020


Dubai Police has signed a memorandum of understanding with driverless technology start-up Acacus Technologies to eventually produce self-driving cars.

The deal involves the internal and external design of police vehicles to use artificial intelligence systems.

The two aim to use software and technology developed by Acacus to convert existing cars to self-driving capable vehicles by 2020.

Dubai is seeking to be a world-leader for self-driving transport, with the government aiming for 25 per cent of journeys in the emirate to be autonomous by 2030.

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Several pilots and initiatives are underway at the emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority and other entities to make this goal a reality.

Earlier this year, authorities tested autonomous transport pods under a partnership with US technology firm Next Future Transportation.

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Dubai Police itself is no stranger to new technologies having recently unveiled plans to use advanced surveillance systems to remove the need for officers on the streets.

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It is also trailing robot patrolmen, a smart bail system and even hover bikes.

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