Top Ten Salaries in Saudi Arabia
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Top Ten Salaries in Saudi Arabia

Top Ten Salaries in Saudi Arabia

Banking is one of the only sectors in KSA to see a dip in compensation in 2012 Salary Survey

Gulf Business

1. Construction– A construction project manager or a chief engineer in Saudi Arabia takes home the fattest salary package, earning roughly $13,276 per month, up 2.3 per cent from $12,975 last year.

2. Sales/ Marketing– Earning just marginally less than a construction manager, the head of sales/marketing at a multinational or local company takes home around $13,253 per month. The amount marks a 10 per cent hike from 2011.

3. Banking– One of the only sectors in the Kingdom to see a dip in compensation, the average salary earned by a branch manager, a treasury manager and a retail/personal banking manager is approximately $12,931 per month, down 4.5 per cent from $13,315 per month last year.

4. Human Resources– An HR manager in Saudi Arabia makes a monthly income of around $12,704 per month, up from $11,824 last year.

5. Public Relations– PR directors have seen an 18.6 per cent leap in wages, from around $9,744 per month in 2011 to approximately $11,561 per month this year.

6. Information Technology – An IT head in the Kingdom earns much more compared to his counterpart in Bahrain, with a monthly salary of around  $11,526.  The amount has increased from $10,735 per month in 2011.

7. Advertising– An advertising creative director in Saudi Arabia currently pockets roughly $11014 per month, up from $8,019 per month last year and the highest among his GCC counterparts.

8. Real Estate–Saudi’s real estate managers have seen monthly wages rise by 22 per cent, from $8,699 in 2011 to around $10,654.3 in 2012.

9. Hospitality – A hotel manager in the Kingdom takes home approximately $9375 per month, marginally higher than last year’s income of $9,244 per month.

10. Publishing – Earning the least in most GCC countries, a publishing editor in Saudi Arabia gets a monthly salary of around $8,482 per month, up from $7,435 last year.

Gulf Business calculated the average salary across the region for Western, Asian and Arab expats across different sectors in the six GCC countries, according to data from BAC Middle East,, Charterhouse Partnership, Morgan McKinley and Nadia

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