Saudi Arabia unveils new premium residency scheme

How Saudi Arabia seeks to attract foreign talent, investments

The five new premium residency products offer a wide range of benefits to holders, including the ability to conduct business and own real estate properties

Ukraine uae

Ukrainians in UAE offered one-year residency visas

They need to approach Tasheel service centres in the country to avail of the permit

UAE amends conditions for granting residency visas to retired expatriates

As per the amendment, retirees will be eligible for retirement residency, should they fulfil certain criteria


UAE to issue golden visas for front frontline workers and families

The long-term residency visas will also be extended to families of fallen frontline heroes

UAE residency visas

Abu Dhabi issues over 500 golden visas to doctors

Authorities have said that more healthcare practitioners will be recognised

UAE visas

UAE allows entry of vaccinated residents who have been outside of the country for over six months

Incoming residents must apply via the ICA website and complete the vaccination application in order to get necessary approvals

UAE residency visas

Abu Dhabi launches new VIP package for doctors to secure golden residency visas

This VIP package costs Dhs4,000 per applicant, and covers services including Emirates ID, passport pickup and drop-off, and visa hold services for dependents

Saudi Arabia to extend residency permits for expats stranded outside the kingdom

It will be extended automatically and at no additional cost

All doctors in the UAE can now apply for a golden visa

The golden visa will grant doctors and their families a 10-year residency


Dubai launches new residency service that is accessible round-the-clock

It will accept residency-related requests and inquiries from companies and individuals, as well as citizens and residents seven days a week


Oman to introduce new long-term residency programme for foreign investors

Starting September 2021, the Investment Residency Programme will offer renewable five and ten-year visas subject to applicants meeting specific criteria

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

UAE announces new remote working residency visa, multiple-entry tourist visas

The decision was reached on Sunday during a cabinet meeting chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

UAE residency: Foreign students can now sponsor families

Foreign students in the UAE will now be permitted to sponsor their families, provided they have the financial means to do so


Bahrain: Expats can apply for self-sponsorship of residency permits online

The online service covers foreign retirees, investors and property owner in Bahrain

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UAE authorities issue guidelines on applying for amnesty as Dec deadline looms

Following the amnesty period, those found with expired visas face fines of up to Dhs315 per week


Kuwait offers second amnesty this year for undocumented expats

The amnesty will require expats living illegally to either get a valid residency or leave the country after paying their fines to avoid a ban

UAE extends waiver for residency law violators till end of the year

The exemption covers all financial fines related to the Emirates Identity cards, work permits, as well as the waiver of all administrative restrictions, upon leaving the country


Kuwait to extend expired residency, visit visas for 3 more months from September 1

The extension will be processed automatically by the ministry online

Revealed: Answers to all Dubai visa related queries

Holders of expired residency visas should renew them before exiting the country if they wish to return

Kuwait expats

Kuwait unlikely to extend visas beyond Aug 31, to stop issuing work permits for certain expats aged over 60

Expatriates whose visas expired by the end of May were given a three-month free grace period to renew their documents

Safa Al Hashem Kuwait

Kuwaiti MP proposes move to stop issuing residency permits for expats aged over 60

The proposal also seeks to deport “all expats undergoing treatment at psychiatric hospitals”