Abu Dhabi launches new VIP packages for doctors to secure golden residency visas
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Abu Dhabi launches new VIP package for doctors to secure golden residency visas

Abu Dhabi launches new VIP package for doctors to secure golden residency visas

This VIP package costs Dhs4,000 per applicant, and covers services including Emirates ID, passport pickup and drop-off, and visa hold services for dependents

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The Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH) and the Abu Dhabi Residents Office (ADRO) have launched new packages to enable doctors to apply for the Golden Visa in Abu Dhabi.

The visa grants doctors and their families ten years of residency rights in the country to live, work and study without the need of a national sponsor.

Under the new process, doctors nominated by DoH will be offered a VIP package to obtain their Golden Visas through the YAS Tasheel Centre for healthcare professionals, a centre dedicated to processing Golden Visas.

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This VIP package will cost Dhs4,000 per applicant, with this fee covering additional services such as Emirates ID, passport pickup and drop-off, and visa hold services for dependents. This cost is also inclusive of fees for application, change of status, visa stamping and Tasheel processing.

Two non-VIP packages have also been made available for doctors, with the first option priced at Dhs3,470 if paid through wire transfer, and the second – via an online payment system – costs Dhs3,547.

However, all the packages exclude existing visa cancellation and medical assessment fees. The authorities added that similar fees apply for individual family members at the time of their Golden Visa applications. The non-VIP packages can also be applied through the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship (ICA) website.

All Golden Visa applicants are required to email proof of payment with their application form to the YAS Tasheel Centre, therefore eliminating the need to visit the centre in person. The payment for the Golden Visa can also be done online through the YAS Tasheel website.

Upon receipt of submitted applications, the YAS Tasheel Centre for healthcare professionals will communicate with the DoH to collect all relevant and required endorsement letters. As per the new agreement between DoH and ADRO, doctors are no longer required to contact DoH to obtain these documents. It takes approximately two weeks for Golden Visas to be processed, once the applicants’ existing visas have been cancelled and all required medical assessments have concluded.

“We are working closely with the Abu Dhabi’s Residents Office to further empower doctors by ensuring their wellbeing and stability in the emirate. The launch of these new packages speaks to our joint commitment to ensuring excellence in healthcare for the community according to the global best practices. As always, the safety and wellbeing of the people and communities of the emirate remain our number one priority,” said Dr. Rashed Al Suwaidi, executive director of Healthcare Workforce Planning at the Abu Dhabi Department of Health.

In July, authorities in the UAE said that all doctors residing in the country were eligible to apply for the golden visa.

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In Abu Dhabi, apart from doctors, the UAE’s Golden Visa is also available for international investors and talent from around the world.

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