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7 reasons why investors can't resist Dubai's real estate sector by Espace's John Lyons

Seven reasons why investors can’t resist Dubai’s real estate sector

High rental yields, demand for luxury homes and return on investments, here’s why investing in Dubai’s property market is appealing, explains Espace Real Estate’s MD

UAE Golden Visa - Getty Images

UAE Golden Visa: Dubai makes major change to property down payment requirement

The UAE introduced the golden visa programme to allow for a 10-year residency to encourage exceptional individuals and foreign investors to establish deeper ties to the country.

Golden Visa: Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Dubai to issue Golden Visas to imams, muezzins and muftis

The latest inclusion was made in recognition of eligible candidates’ efforts and societal role in promoting positive values and morals

Golden Visa entry visa

UAE announces new entry permit fees for Golden Visa

The long-term visa offers select groups the ability to work, live and study in the country without the need for sponsorship

UAE launches Goldern visa platform

UAE makes Golden Visa application easier with ‘one touch’

The long-term visa offers select groups the ability to work, live and study in the country without the need for sponsorship

ADGM and ADRO sign agreement

Abu Dhabi’s ADGM, ADRO to enhance support to ADGM’s international community

Abu Dhabi Global Market will provide a suite of exclusive services and offers to Golden Visa holders through ADRO’s exclusive loyalty programme

New UAE visas to be introduced from September 2022

Your guide to the UAE’s new visa reforms

Looking forward to the new UAE visas rules rolling out next month? Here’s what’s on offer for tourists, residents, professionals and entrepreneurs

Golden Visa holders in Dubai will be gifted Esaad privilege card

Golden Visa holders can now avail discounts through Esaad card

The card will provide discounts across several sectors, including healthcare, education, hospitality, entertainment, real estate and restaurants

How Abu Dhabi is beckoning global talent for its long-term future

The emirate’s growing favourability among tourists, families and investors can be attributed to its focus on inclusion, innovation and diversity

UAE residency visas

Abu Dhabi launches new VIP package for doctors to secure golden residency visas

This VIP package costs Dhs4,000 per applicant, and covers services including Emirates ID, passport pickup and drop-off, and visa hold services for dependents

All doctors in the UAE can now apply for a golden visa

The golden visa will grant doctors and their families a 10-year residency

Abu Dhabi Hub71

Abu Dhabi’s Hub71 to endorse tech entrepreneurs for golden residency visas

Recipients of the five-year visas can also sponsor their families and up to three executive directors

New UAE visa laws

UAE to grant golden residency visas to select high school students and their families

Applications for these golden visas must be submitted through the Emirates Schools Establishment

UAE grants golden visa to this Brazilian football icon

The footballer was named the FIFA World Player of the Year for 2004 and 2005