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Emirates Draw

UAE-based Dhs100m Emirates Draw to allow entries to be purchased using crypto

Emirates Draw has signed a partnership with YottaChain International Holding to allow the use of Tether to purchase entries

Farid Samji, CEO of Ewings

Interview: Farid Samji, CEO of Ewings, the managing operator of Mahzooz

Mahzooz is the GCC’s first weekly digital draw. It has attempted to have a sizeable impact on disadvantaged sections of the community through its many philanthropic outreach programmes

Emirates Draw

UAE’s Emirates Draw raises grand prize to Dhs89m

The next weekly draw will be held on Saturday, December 18

Emirates draw

Emirates Draw announces special prizes to mark UAE’s 50th anniversary this week

A one-off draw at the upcoming edition of the event on Saturday, December 4, will see 50 guaranteed winners each receive Dhs7,777


Participant wins Dhs10m jackpot in UAE’s Mahzooz live draw

In the most recent edition held on November 6, the winning combination of numbers were 36, 38, 26, 4, 37

Emirates Draw Mahzooz

Results of Dhs10m Mahzooz and Dhs77.7m Emirates Draw announced

None of the participants won the grand prize in either of the weekly draws held over the weekend

Emirates Draw

Results of fifth edition of Emirates Draw revealed

The winning combination of numbers for the main draw were 5041084

Emirates Draw

Results of the third edition of Emirates Draw announced

The winning combination of number for the Grand Prize was 1328788

Emirates Draw raffle

Emirates Draw Dhs77,777,777 raffle set to offer UAE’s biggest jackpot prize

Seven participants are guaranteed to win Dhs77,777 in prize money each in the weekly raffle which will commence on September 25