Results of Dhs10m Mahzooz and Dhs 77.7m Emirates Draw announced
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Results of Dhs10m Mahzooz and Dhs77.7m Emirates Draw announced

Results of Dhs10m Mahzooz and Dhs77.7m Emirates Draw announced

None of the participants won the grand prize in either of the weekly draws held over the weekend

Emirates Draw Mahzooz

The results of the sixth edition of Dhs77.7m Emirates Draw conducted on October 31 have been announced.

There were seven winners who took home Dhs77,777 each as part of a raffle in the first part of the draw.

In the second part of the draw, participants competed for the Dhs77.7m grand prize. The winning combination of numbers were 9772804, read right to left.

No one matched 5, 6 or all seven of the numbers in that exact combination.

However, four participants matched four of the seven numbers and hence won Dhs7,777 each. Another 46 won Dhs777 each when they matched three of the seven numbers, while 443 participants matched two of the seven numbers thereby winning Dhs77 each.

The total prize money won in the latest edition of the weekly Emirates Draw therefore stood at Dhs6,45,400.

In another UAE-based raffle, Mahzooz, in which a winner recently took home the grand prize of Dhs50m, the latest edition of the raffle resulted in three winners taking home Dhs100,000 each. The winning numbers of the main draw in the 49th edition of Mahzooz, also held on October 30, were 47, 23, 8, 24, 31.

No one one the grand prize of Dhs10m, though 26 winners won Dhs38,462 each and 1,226 participants won Dhs350 each when they matched four and three of the winning combination of numbers respectively.

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