UAE’s Emirates Draw raises grand prize to Dhs89m
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UAE’s Emirates Draw raises grand prize to Dhs89m

UAE’s Emirates Draw raises grand prize to Dhs89m

The next weekly draw will be held on Saturday, December 18

Emirates Draw

UAE’s Emirates Draw has said that the grand prize for its next draw which will be held on Saturday, December 18, has increased from Dhs83m to AED89m.

The grand prize will be paid to a participant who matches all seven numbers from right to left.

Emirates Draw is a weekly draw held every Saturday. At the most recent edition held on Saturday, December 11, seven participants each won a guaranteed amount of Dhs77,777 in the first part of the draw.

The combination of numbers selected in the second and main part of Saturday’s draw was main draw was 3659662.

In total, there were 355 winners and Dhs681,835 in prize money shared amongst the winners last Saturday.

One participant matched five out of seven and won Dhs77,777; two participants matched four out of seven digits from right to left and each won Dhs7,777; 25 participants matched three out of seven digits and each won Dhs777; while 320 participants matched two out of seven and each won Dhs77.

To participate in the weekly draw, individuals must purchase a Dhs50 pencil and coral poly on the event organiser’s website. After registering online, participants can select their seven-digit number or have the system choose it for them randomly.

With their purchase, participants are entered into two separate drawings, the first is a raffle draw where every week seven lucky participants are guaranteed Dhs77,777 each.

In addition, all participants will be entered into a second draw with six prize categories that now include a grand prize of Dhs89m when all seven numbers are matched.

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