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Saudi destroys missile launched towards Riyadh, two injured

Saudi air forces also intercepted another missile launched towards the city of Jazan

UAE Central Bank cuts interest rates

The move follows a similar announcement by the US Federal Reserve

Mandatory quarantine for passengers arriving in India from UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar

The measures will be in force until March 31 and will be reviewed subsequently

Lebanon to suspend flights to UK, Egypt, nine other countries

There will be a four-day grace period for Lebanese citizens to return from the countries on the list before the ban comes into effect

Oil drops 31% in worst loss since Gulf War as price fight erupts

Goldman Sachs warns that prices could drop to near $20 a barrel

Iraq to suspend border trade with Iran, Kuwait from March 8-15

Sea- and air-borne trade will continue as long as personnel and goods involved have the necessary paperwork from their originating countries

WHO flies Dhs1m aid from Dubai to Iran to combat coronavirus

The shipment included gloves, surgical masks and laboratory diagnostic kits

European Commission greenlights Saudi Aramco-SABIC deal

Saudi Aramco seeks to acquire a 70 per cent stake in SABIC for $69.1bn

Saudi Arabia stops issuing tourist visas to residents in China; six other countries

Previously issued tourist visas to residents of these countries will also be temporarily suspended

Revealed: Arab leaders for change

The list features prominent Arab business veterans and personalities from across industries who are making an impact

Lebanon has more to worry about than $31bn maturing Eurobonds

Falling reserves and inflows have led to a shortage of foreign exchange in Lebanon, disrupting the financial system

Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak dies aged 91

He became Egypt’s longest-serving ruler in more than 150 years before being forced from office by a popular uprising in 2011

UAE halts all flights to Iran on coronavirus concerns

The country has already suspended all flights to and from China, with the exception of Beijing

At least 50 die of coronavirus in Iran – reports

Around 250 people inside a seminary in Qom were believed to have been quarantined on Monday

Lebanon slammed by double downgrade as bond default looms

S&P Global Ratings cut the country’s long-term foreign currency rating to CC, following a similar reduction by Moody’s Investors Service to Ca

‘The US is sparing no effort in smearing Huawei’ – Middle East President Charles Yang

Huawei has signed 77 5G contracts globally, of which 12 are in the Middle East

Lebanon lira no longer fit for airline owned by central bank

Starting on Monday, February 17, Middle East Airlines will only accept foreign currency payments

Lebanon weighs IMF help to decide on $1.2bn bond payment

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri requested the World Bank and IMF for assistance to address the country’s financial woes

What’s in store for the Middle East’s power sector?

As we enter 2020, it is crucial to note the transformation that the Middle East’s power sector has seen in the last decade

Iraq appoints new prime minister

The appointment took place following the resignation of Adel Abdul-Mahdi

Dubai Gold Exchange records best month of trading since July 2008

Gold Futures recorded a year-on-year volume growth of 515 per cent

Lebanese bonds sink to record lows amid concern over repayment

International reserves can only finance the country’s external needs until March 2021 before being depleted

Crunch time for Lebanon as new cabinet decides on bond payment

Government debt stands at more than 150 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product

US embassy in Baghdad hit in rocket attack

Of the five Katyusha rockets fired at the fortified Green Zone on Sunday, one directly hit the US embassy building

E-commerce paving the way for the future of retail and more

A special report on the state of the e-commerce industry in the region outlining its most recent innovations, challenges that lie ahead and the way forward

Lebanon gets new government after three months of protest

The newly appointed cabinet will have to act fast to address the country’s worst financial and economic crisis in decades

UAE site Bayt.com to grow its global workforce

Close to 500,000 daily visitors from the region access the job site to either look for jobs, to hire, or to find various career related content and tools

Iran working on final step of reducing its nuclear commitments

According to the Ministry spokesman, Iran is working on the ‘last effective step’ to curb its nuclear activities

Iran to transfer black boxes of crashed plane to Ukraine

The 737-800 Ukraine International Airlines jet crashed on January 8, killing all 176 people onboard

UAE’s Vox Cinemas on walking the red carpet for two decades and more

Senior executives from Vox Cinemas outline the company’s blockbuster performance in the last 20 years and why they are bullish despite the rise of streaming services