Saudi minister says Iran’s actions are unacceptable, Kuwait calls for restraint

Iran said on Friday it had seized Britain’s Stena Impero tanker

Oman urges Iran to release seized tanker

Oman also called on all parties to exercise restraint and resolve differences diplomatically

Saudi King approves hosting US troops to boost regional security

A US official said the deployment would include about 500 US military personnel in Saudi

Britain calls ship seizure ‘hostile act’ as Iran releases video of capture

The move follows threats from Tehran to retaliate for Britain’s July 4 seizure of the Iranian tanker Grace 1

Iran says it has seized foreign tanker as Gulf tensions deepen

Iran said the impounded ship was smuggling one million litres of fuel

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed to visit China next week

The visit comes a year after Chinese President Xi Jinping travelled to the UAE

US officials to brief diplomats on maritime security initiative for Gulf

One fifth of the world’s oil supply transits through the Strait of Hormuz

Saudi’s deputy minister of defence meets UN envoy to Yemen

Yemen’s warring parties agreed on Monday on new measures to enforce a ceasefire

Kuwaiti authorities arrest militant cell linked to Muslim Brotherhood – ministry

The arrested people were wanted by Egyptian authorities

Kuwait moves to protect its ports amid Gulf tensions

Relations between Iran and the West have become increasingly strained

Iranian boats ‘harass’ British tanker in the Gulf – US officials

Several oil tankers were attacked in waters near Iran’s southern coast in May and June, for which the US blamed Tehran

US wants military coalition to safeguard waters off Iran, Yemen

Attacks took place in May and June against oil tankers in Gulf waters

Oman to open embassy in Palestinian territories’ West Bank

Oman closed its diplomatic mission in Gaza following the 2006 Israeli bombing of the strip of land

US pushes Middle East economic plan in face of Palestinian disdain and doubts

The international meeting in Bahrain began on Tuesday evening

US to launch economic part of Mideast peace plan in Bahrain amid skepticism

Neither the Palestinian nor Israeli governments will attend the curtain-raising event

Iran says US sanctions on Khamenei mean end of diplomacy

Washington said it will also impose sanctions on Iran’s foreign minister Zarif this week

Trump says other countries should do more to protect oil tankers

Washington has blamed Tehran for attacks on two oil tankers, owned by Japan and Norway

Tensions with Iran can be addressed ‘only’ politically – UAE minister

Anwar Gargash says it is essential to find “political solutions through dialogue and negotiations”

UN chief says essential to avoid escalation in the Gulf

“The world cannot afford a major confrontation in the Gulf,” said Antonio Guterres

US economic plan for Mideast peace faces broad Arab rejection

The $50bn “peace to prosperity” plan is set to be presented by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner at a conference in Bahrain next week

Etihad warns of delays after suspending flights over Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman

The move comes amidst growing tensions between the US and Iran

Trump talks to Saudi Crown Prince on Iran, oil

Tensions with Iran prompted a rise in oil prices

Saudia shifts flights away from Gulf of Oman, Strait of Hormuz

Iran shot down a high-altitude, unmanned U.S. drone last week

Saudi Arabia says Iran has created “very grave” situation in the region

The kingdom is consulting with allies on next steps, says minister

Iran shoots down US military drone, oil prices surge

The “spy” drone was brought down over the southern Iranian province of Hormozgan

Trump creates doubt over use of US force to protect Gulf oil

Last week’s tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman had only a “very minor” impact so far, he said

Iran will not wage war against any nation – President Hassan Rouhani

Fears of a confrontation between Iran and the US have mounted since the attacks on two oil tankers on Thursday

Egypt’s former President Mursi dies after collapsing in court

The 67-year-old Mursi, a top figure in the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood, had been in jail since being toppled by the military in 2013

US says to send 1,000 more troops to the Middle East, cites Iran threats

The new U.S. deployment to the Middle East is in addition to a 1,500-troop increase announced last month

US says does not want war with Iran, pushes for international response

US-Iran tensions are high following accusations by the US that Tehran carried out the tanker attacks last Thursday