Saudi oil facility hit by Houthi projectile attack
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Saudi oil facility hit by Houthi projectile attack

Saudi oil facility hit by Houthi projectile attack

No casualties were reported


A fuel tank at a petroleum products distribution station in Jeddah burst into flames, following an explosion caused by a projectile attack.

The attack took place at 3.50am on the morning of November 24, Saudi Press Agency reported, citing a Ministry of Energy spokesperson.

No casualties were reported. Meanwhile, Saudi Aramco’s fuel supplies remained unaffected, the spokesperson confirmed.

“In reference to the statement issued by the Ministry of Energy regarding the fire that erupted in an oil tank in the oil derivatives distribution station in Jeddah, the terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia has been positively identified as the culprits of this cowardly terrorist assault, which did not target the kingdom’s national assets, but the core of global economy and its supply routes, as well as the security of global energy,” said Brigadier-general Turki Al-Malki, the official spokesman of the Saudi-led Arab coalition.

“This terrorist assault is a continuation to the terrorist actions that targeted oil facilities in (Abqaiq) and (Khurais), which was adopted by the Houthi militia, while substantiated evidence proved the direct involvement of the Iranian regime in those terrorist assaults using Iranian-made Advanced Conventional Weapons (i.e. Cruise missiles and bomb-laden UAVs),” he added.

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Last week, Saudi coalition forces destroyed an armed drone attack launched from Yemen.

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Meanwhile, earlier this month, several people were injured after an IED attack on a World War I commemoration ceremony in Jeddah.

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