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Saudi eyes plans to nationalise charities

Saudi eyes plans to nationalise charities

The plans are said to include charitable societies and associations


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Development has reportedly approved plans to consider the Saudisation of jobs at charitable societies and associations.

Arab News reports that coordination meetings between the charity that looks after roadside mosques, Msajidona, and the ministry are ongoing.

“Such decisions will help in providing the finest quality services to the beneficiaries, in addition to jobs for citizens in the villages and regions in the respective areas,” Msajidona chairman Turki Al-Ruwaibi was quoted as saying.

He said the charity plans to provide jobs for residents at all the mosques on Saudi roads.

“Msajidona seeks to Saudise all the jobs at the mosques on the roads by 100 per cent. This step comes within the framework of realising Vision 2030 with the cooperation of the charity societies in the villages and governorates affiliated with them,” Al-Ruwaibi explained.

He suggested there would be positions for families at mosques near their villages.

Al-Ruwaibi met with Abdul Moneim Al-Shihri, undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development for special programmes, yesterday to discuss the programme.

Recent Saudisation efforts in the kingdom have focussed on the mobile sales and accessories sector, where there is an imminent deadline for the entire workforce to be Saudi.

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Following this, the ministry is expected to focus its efforts on the car sales and rentals sector.

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