Saudi to nationalise health, automobile sectors
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Saudi to nationalise health, automobile sectors

Saudi to nationalise health, automobile sectors

Plans come after the kingdom announced the complete Saudisation of the mobile sector


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Development is reportedly planning to nationalise all health and automobile sales and rental jobs in the kingdom.

A joint committee has been formed with the Ministry of Health to develop the Saudisation plan, with implementation to begin after official approval, according to reports in the Saudi media.

The kingdom is said to be targeting more than 15,000 jobs for Saudis in the pharmaceutical sector alone.

Saudi Arabia has revealed far reaching Saudisation plans in recent months, with plans announced to nationalise mobile shops and other sectors announced.

The country’s Ministry of Labour announced in March that the workforce of mobile shops would need to be 50 per cent Saudi by early June and 100 per cent by early September.

Reports last month suggested 40 per cent of shops had failed to meet the 50 per cent target and 30 per cent had closed down entirely.

40% of mobile shops fail to meet Saudisation target, 30% shut down

Following the mobile sector, the ministry will focus on the automobile sector, according to Arab News, with a similar 100 per cent Saudisation target expected.

The sector will provide 9,000 jobs for Saudis under the plans, the ministry was quoted as saying.


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