Dubai Police issues 2,527 warnings and fines to violators of movement restrictions
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Dubai Police issues 2,527 warnings and fines to violators of movement restrictions

Dubai Police issues 2,527 warnings and fines to violators of movement restrictions

Fines were issued to those found leaving their homes without valid reasons and for not adhering to social distancing rules


The Dubai Police has issued 2,527 warnings and fines against violators of movement restrictions and Covid-19 precautionary measures during the ongoing National Sterilisation Programme.

A 24-hour disinfection programme is currently underway in the emirate with residents, including cyclists and pedestrians, needing permits to exit from their homes for essential purposes like sourcing groceries or tending to medical needs.

The permit can be applied for via the government’s official website

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The movement restrictions aren’t applicable to workers in vital sectors, though they must carry a letter from their employer outlining their necessity to travel to and from their workplace.

The UAE has said that it will impose a Dhs2,000 fine for any person leaving their home for unnecessary reasons.

On March 30, the country’s attorney general Hamad Saif Al Shamsi issued an updated resolution on the enforcement of penalties for violations related to the spread of the coronavirus stipulating 15 fines ranging from Dhs1,000 to up to Dhs50,000.

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Also, a maximum of three people are allowed in a family car used by residents of the emirate.

Fines are also issued to those who do not wear protective gear like masks and gloves in public spaces.

The Dubai police added that of the 2,527 warnings and fines, it issued 2,076 warnings and eight fines in cases where it found that the individuals had left their homes without necessity, for work-related tasks or for buying essentials.

Another 204 warnings and one fine were issued to members of the public who exceeded the maximum allowed number of passengers in a vehicle.

There were also 233 warnings as well as five fines issued for those not wearing medical masks in closed areas or for flaunting the minimum social distancing rule.

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On April 8, Colonel Saeed Al Hajeri, director of the Dubai police force’s cybercrime division, vowed to publish the photos of “reckless” residents who were found flouting and disregarding the country’s Stay Home directives, without blurring them.

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The total number of confirmed cases of the novel virus within the UAE now stands at 4,521, including 398 new cases which were reported on April 13.

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