Covid-19 spread: UAE issues updated list of fines for violations | UAE News Covid-19 spread: UAE issues updated list of fines for violations | UAE News
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Covid-19 spread: UAE issues updated list of fines for violations

Covid-19 spread: UAE issues updated list of fines for violations

Those “unnecessarily” leaving their homes will face fines of up to Dhs2,000


Any person in the UAE leaving their home for “unnecessary reasons” or who “unnecessarily” visits health facilities will now be slapped with a fine.

The country’s attorney general Hamad Saif Al Shamsi issued an updated resolution on the enforcement of penalties for violations related to the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19, official news agency WAM reported.

The resolution stipulates 15 fines ranging from Dhs1,000 to up to Dhs50,000.

The UAE, which has reported a total of 570 cases so far, in carrying out stringent measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. A sterilisation programme is underway across the country, with restricted movement between 8pm and 6am everyday.

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The Dubai Police also warned that inciting non-compliance with safety measures will lead to imprisonment and/or a fine of between Dhs200,000-Dhs1m.

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The complete list of violations and fines

– Dhs50,000 fine for violating mandatory hospitalisation by patients who directly refuse to receive or continue prescribed medicines despite being instructed. Concerned entities or specialists may contact relevant authorities to enforce the decision.

– Dhs50,000 fine for non-compliance with home quarantine instructions as per the home quarantine manuals, quarantine at private facilities and refusing to take the test again as per health protocols.

– Dhs50,000 fine and administrative closure for failing to temporarily suspend an establishment. Customers will also face a Dhs500 fine.

– Dhs50,000 fine and administrative closure for violating the closure instructions of educational institutions, cinemas, gyms, sports clubs, malls, outdoor markets, parks, cafés, shopping centres and restaurants and others or for receiving customers. Visitors will also be slapped with fine of Dhs500.

– Dhs5,000 fine for the executive in charge of managing a company or a facility that violates the sterilisation measures of public or private means of transportation.

– Dhs10,000 fine for a person who invites or organises gatherings, meetings, private and public celebrations. Participants will also be slapped a fine of Dhs5,000.

– Dhs10,000 fine for failing to take precautionary measures for the crew of shelter ships.

– Dhs5,000 fine for refusing to take a medical test upon request.

– Dhs3,000 fine on individuals violating the curfew set out during the National Disinfection Programme by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Ministry of Interior. The fine excludes individuals who sought to obtain essential supplies, such as food and medicine, and individuals working within previously designated vital sectors.

– Dhs3,000 fine for failing to take proper health measures at markets, roads, and other public places exempted from temporary closure.

– Dhs3,000 fine for refusing an order to dispose of any stuff, clothes, luggage or others proved to be contaminated or might be contaminated by any pathogen if they can’t be disinfected by established procedures.

– Dhs3,000 fine for violating the law when burying or transporting a dead body infected with a communicable disease.

– Dhs2,000 fine for any person leaving their home for unnecessary reasons except for performing vital jobs or buying essential necessities.

– Dhs2,000 fine for violating precautionary measures issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention by passengers coming to the UAE from countries infected by a communicable disease.

– Dhs1,000 fine for unnecessarily visiting health facilities.

– Dhs1,000 fine for a motorist who exceeds the number of passengers in their car (more than three persons per car).

– Dhs1,000 for not wearing medical masks indoors by individuals suffering from chronic diseases, and those showing cold and flu symptoms or failing to maintain social distancing.

According to the resolution, the fines will be doubled for those found to be repeating the violation.

Offenders will be referred to the Emergency and Crisis Prosecution at the Federal Public Prosecution if the violation is committed for the third time. They will also bear the costs/expenses of the damage.

The Ministry of Interior and police departments will be in charge of collecting fines from violators.


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