Dubai-based Tradeling launches an AI-driven digital procurement solution
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Dubai-based Tradeling launches an AI-driven digital procurement solution

Dubai-based Tradeling launches an AI-driven digital procurement solution

Tradeling Pro is primarily driven by business development and enabled by the power of advanced technology

Divsha Bhat
Tradeling PRO

Tradeling, the eMarketplace for business-to-business (B2B) transactions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has launched Tradeling Pro, an artificial intelligence and machine learning digital procurement solution for multinational businesses and big enterprises. Tradeling Pro streamlines the purchasing process for large businesses by offering flexible payment periods and combining bills into a single monthly invoice regardless of the number of vendors involved.

Due to the volume of products purchased, the business has the extra benefit of offering very competitive pricing for multi-nationals. They may also take advantage of Tradeling’s pre-negotiated pricing, which are fixed and guaranteed.

In addition, Tradeling’s in-house logistic services ensure that items are delivered as quickly as possible. The service simplifies major firms’ logistic offerings by providing consolidated delivery on all products; that is, regardless of how many suppliers are involved, all goods are delivered in one delivery. Tradeling Pro customers may now choose between a 30 or 60-day payment period.

Marius Ciavola, chief executive officer, Tradeling said: “With Tradeling Pro, procurement teams at large organisations don’t need to find, communicate or manage multiple suppliers; Tradeling does it on their behalf by acting as a single supplier with a key account manager as a main point of contact. The offering curates a catalogue of goods which only displays items typically required by the buyer. Tradeling Pro can also recommend alternative goods for buyers at the most competitive of prices because we can drive down costs through bulk orders while ensuring the quick delivery of in-demand goods which are stored in our warehouse.”

Tradeling Pro complements, which caters to business buyers from small and medium-sized businesses, and its recently launched edukaan by Tradeling service, which serves micro-businesses.

Ahmed Moawad, VP of engineering – technology, Tradeling said: “Through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it is easy to discover new saving opportunities and provide improved purchasing recommendations for our customers. They can place orders smoothly through any device, including mobiles and tablets, with a responsive user interface. Tradeling Pro customers get real-time visibility and insights across teams and budgets. In addition to advanced performance reports, the platform is designed to be easily integrated with in-house procurement solutions through a set of advanced APIs.”

Tradeling, which originated as part of the Dubai 10X initiative, is backed by the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA).

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