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customer service

How AI-driven solutions are revolutionising customer service in contact centres

Enterprises must find the courage to make the shift from an outdated legacy approach to one built on the premise of meeting customers where they are

Tako TikTok

TikTok is testing an AI chatbot named Tako

The Tako test is currently available to a small number of employees, according to Daniel Buchuk, an analyst at Watchful


ChatGPT and cybersecurity: With great power comes great responsibility

ChatGPT is helping advance the fields of marketing, education, entertainment and more, but it is also crucially exposing them to cybercrimes


Alibaba to build ChatGPT-like AI into meeting, messaging apps

The large language model developed by Alibaba Cloud, dubbed Tongyi Qianwen, is now powering interactions with a new version of the assistant, Tongyi Tingwu

UAE’s Falcon 40B, AI Model is Now Royalty-free image credit Technology Innovation Institute

UAE’s Falcon 40B AI model is now royalty free for commercial, research use

The AI model can help raise efficiencies such as faster project starts, faster iterations, more flexible software development processes and easier license management


UAE launches AI-powered chatbot ‘U-Ask’ for streamlined government services

Users can retrieve essential details regarding service requirements, tailored information based on their preferences

Einstein GPT

Salesforce’s Thierry Nicault on how Einstein GPT transforms customer experiences

The company’s area vice president and general manager for Middle East shares the primary objective of Einstein GPT and its benefits for employees

TII unveils its Falcon 40B

Abu Dhabi’s TII unveils its Falcon 40B AI model open source

Falcon 40B is a foundational large language model with 40 billion parameters and trained on one trillion tokens


Google teams up with UAE organisations for AI research and sustainability initiatives

The announcement was made during an event at the MBZUAI campus, where Google introduced three significant initiatives

TaxGPT Worlds-First-AI-Powered-Corporate-Tax-Assistant image: Virtuzone

Introducing TaxGPT, the AI-powered UAE corporate tax assistant

Virtuzone has launched TaxGPT to help UAE-based businesses get answers related to the upcoming corporate tax regime based on information from the UAE’s MOF and FTA


OpenAI raises $175m for startup investment fund

The platform has been investing in startups working in artificial intelligence for a while


AI takes flight: Saudia, Accenture collaborate to develop over 260 new digital services

All the digital systems developed by Accenture will be designed specifically for the airline, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs

Why upskilling is the antidote to the ‘AI skills gap’ ailment

Some businesses are abandoning arduous recruitment drives that seek out the unrealistic combo package of AI and business skills in a single candidate

State of AI adoption for enterprise IT management in the Middle East

Businesses in the region are readily investing in AI-driven solutions to unlock productivity, gain competitive advantage, and meet evolving customer needs

Responsible AI

What responsible AI means outside of big tech

For many, the main concerns are not around whether AI will be sentient; rather, it’s about being able to understand the advice and decisions AI models make

NCEMA X Presight MoU

NCEMA, Presight sign MoU to bolster crisis and emergency management

Presight will work closely with NCEMA to create a hi-tech AI platform that serves the emergency management community


Chatbots: The key to delivering everything, everywhere, all at once

AI-powered chatbots have an exceptional track record of enhancing customer interactions, and that record includes measurable and attributable increases to revenue


The road ahead: AI, analytics and automation trends for agility and resilience

Businesses can leverage AI and automation to streamline their operations, reduce costs, improve efficiency and unlock new revenue streams

Ministry of Economy signs MoU with Presight to enhance UAE's attractiveness to FDI & support private sector partnership

UAE Ministry of Economy signs MoU with Presight to drive FDI

Presight will work with the ministry to attract foreign direct investments to new sectors in the UAE, by deploying big data, analytics and AI in education, healthcare, infrastructure and financial services


Google to revamp search with generative AI tools

The company is also trying to be thoughtful about how to set expectations with users about the capabilities of generative AI

use of ChatGPT

DEWA initiates pilot use of ChatGPT to enhance capabilities of its virtual employee

The move is part of DEWA’s strategy to employ artificial intelligence technologies across all its operations and services

service robots

Insights: The rise of service robots

Proven Robotics’ Mohammed Aldousari, regional robotics lead, outlines the transition of robots from industrial applications to service roles that bisect and positively impact day-to-day human life

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Palazzo Versace Dubai launches first ever AI-based chatbot

Asksuite has developed a customised omnichannel guest automation chatbot for the hospitality brand

Generative AI

First real-world study showed generative AI boosted worker productivity by 14%

Researchers at Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tested the impact of generative AI tools on productivity

Elon Musk

Elon Musk wants to build own ChatGPT AI

The Tesla chief and owner of Twitter confirmed he intends to get involved in the AI race sparked by OpenAI’s intelligent chatbot


Insights: AI is booming – so is its carbon footprint

AI uses more energy than other forms of computing, and training a single model can gobble up more electricity than 100 US homes use in an entire year

loyalty programmes

Will AI define the loyalty programmes of the future?

Brands that want to retain or win back customer loyalty must deliver meaningful offers and experiences at the right time and place

Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University to regulate use of ChatGPT in education

The guidelines presented emphasise the ethical use of ChatGPT, in line with the university’s policies and procedures


Alibaba enters ChatGPT fray with AI in speaker, Slack-like app

Alibaba Cloud began offering invitation codes for corporate users and developers to test out its flagship AI product last Friday


Chinese scientists develop e-skin to give robots sense of touch

The soft gel e-skin mimics the properties of human skin, with features like stretchability and self-healing ability