Core42, AIREV unveil OnDemand AI operating system
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Core42, AIREV unveil OnDemand AI operating system

Core42, AIREV unveil OnDemand AI operating system

OnDemand’s blend of advanced infrastructure and innovative AI solutions aims to transform AI application development and deployment, both regionally and globally

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Core42, AIREV unveil OnDemand AI operating system image: Getty IMages/ For illustrative purposes

Sovereign cloud, AI infrastructure and services Core42 and AI-powered platform AIREV have launched the OnDemand AI Operating System (AIOS).

This launch marks the first substantial collaboration since the announcement of their partnership in February this year.

Developed by AIREV and built on Core42’s advanced infrastructure, OnDemand is a decentralised AI operating system designed to streamline AI deployment.

It provides a robust platform for developers, engineers, enterprises, and startups to build, deploy, and manage AI applications with ease.

Key features of the OnDemand OS

OnDemand’s key features include the ability to deploy AI models directly from sources like Hugging Face, supporting both open-source and proprietary models. Users can also deploy their custom models, offering significant flexibility and customisation.

The platform’s plugins and marketplace ecosystem allow developers to create, deploy, and sell plugins and agents, which enterprises can then export and integrate into their platforms.

For complex API integrations, OnDemand supports multi-step Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). Additionally, the platform offers a low-code solution for accessible AI development, with verified system integrators available to assist in building use cases and providing additional support as needed.

“We are thrilled to realise the immense potential of the OnDemand AIOS through this collaboration. Our advanced infrastructure will empower developers and enterprises to fully leverage AI,” said Muhammed Khalid, CEO of AIREV.

Core42’s infrastructure ensures the reliability and scalability of OnDemand. The company’s state-of-the-art AI computes power, utilising high-performance GPUs, and handles intensive AI training and inference tasks.

Enterprises and developers can access a diverse library of predefined models, including JAIS, the world’s leading Arabic Large Language Model, Azure OpenAI GPT-4 Family, and numerous other models.

Core42 enhances OnDemand by integrating with Cerebras to provide cutting-edge AI training capacity on the existing Condor Galaxy clusters, offering customers enhanced options globally.

Core42 and AIREV Announce Launch of OnDemand AI Operating System

A productive partnership

“We are excited to collaborate with AIREV in launching the OnDemand AI operating system. This pioneering platform underscores our commitment to advancing AI innovation and empowering businesses across the Middle East and beyond. By leveraging Core42’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, we enable developers and enterprises to unlock unprecedented capabilities and accelerate their journey toward a smarter, AI-driven future,” said Talal Alkaissi, chief partnerships and government affairs officer, Core42.

OnDemand’s blend of advanced infrastructure and innovative AI solutions is set to revolutionize AI application development and deployment, both regionally and globally.

While the partnership focuses on the Middle East, the decentralised nature of OnDemand ensures that AI applications can be deployed and managed worldwide, supporting global AI innovation and collaboration.

The platform aligns with the UAE’s National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031, lowering barriers to AI development and providing a platform for developers and enterprises to create AI-driven solutions across various industries.

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