#Artificial Intelligence

Transformation through AI

Insights: Why workforce transformation hinges on AI

Leverage generative AI to enhance productivity, improve candidate and employee experience, and streamline HR processes


Nuha: UAE’s first ChatGPT-powered virtual hospitality concierge unveiled

The artificial intelligence system, conceptualised and developed in-house, has made its debut at the Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai

edtech - YaSchools

Edtech: Using technology to connect stakeholders

YaSchools started as a directory that hosted information of about schools but has evolved into a multi-service platform

Digital Twins - sustainable solutions

A case study from Helsinki: Seeking sustainable solutions using digital twins

A data and technology-driven approach can enable the built environment’s decarbonisation mission

Credit card fraud costs global economy $32bn

Credit card fraud costs global economy $32bn, says AMF

The increase in losses is forcing banks to leverage cutting-edge technologies to detect and analyse fraudulent transactions


Rewriting the rules in gaming with AI

The video game industry is among the first to feel the full brunt of AI because it’s largely digital

Omar Al Olama-TIME-AI

UAE minister Omar Al Olama in Time’s list of 100 most influential people in AI

Omar Al Olama joins the likes of X-owner Elon Musk and Chat GPT creator Sam Altman


Insights: Embracing digitalisation in pharma sector

Digital tools and technologies are fast making inroads into pharma marketing plans as the space has opened itself to the new ‘hybrid’ normal

G42 launches Jais, open source Arabic language AI model

Abu Dhabi’s G42 launches Jais, open source Arabic language AI model

The language is a transformer-based large language model that incorporates many cutting-edge features, including ALiBi position embeddings

Samsung Food

Samsung Food, an AI-powered food and recipe service now available globally

The platform will act as a personalised assistant that helps users discover new dishes, create tailored meal plans and order ingredients online


Musk, Zuckerberg set to attend Schumer’s forum on Future of AI

The gathering is intended as the first of Schumer’s AI Insight Forums, and part of his strategy to give Congress more influence over the future of AI


OpenAI unveils business version of ChatGPT

The ChatGPT Enterprise offers unlimited use of GPT-4, as well as data encryption and a guarantee that it won’t use data from customers to develop its technology

Financial advisors generative AI

Top 5 tips for financial advisors to stay ahead amidst the rise of generative AI

The great feature of Generative AI is the possibility to have extremely targeted results as long as the queries posed to it are relevant, detailed and tailored enough

Scalo Technologies

Scalo Technologies’ Abdumalik Mirakhmedov on UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

The director and co-founder of the company says there is a deep respect here for successful individuals, which creates a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs

Chandrayaan-3 artificial intelligence

Chandrayaan-3 moon landing: How artificial intelligence played a key role

The integration of AI-driven sensors in Chandrayaan-3 was instrumental in ensuring a safe lunar touchdown


Nvidia dispels fears about running out of chips during AI boom

Though Nvidia didn’t give long-term projections, it said that supply will “substantially increase for the rest of this year and next year”


Here are the key takeaways from Arm’s IPO filing

The regulatory filing touted hundreds of customers and discussed the AI ambitions for the British chip designer


OpenAI: Fine tuning feature now live on GPT-3.5 Turbo

The update gives developers the ability to customise models that perform better for their use cases


SeamlessM4T: Meta’s newly designed AI translates, transcribes 100 languages

The single model provides on-demand translations that enable people who speak different languages to communicate more effectively


YouTube, Universal Music join forces to address AI threat

The recent explosion in generative AI tools has prompted concern that creators’ work could be used to generate new songs without proper licencing or attribution

AI Brands

Insights: Without AI, brands will fall behind

Digital users in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE expect AI to have a significantly positive impact on their digital interactions

construction material

Dubai: Robots slash construction material testing time, find out how

The cement checks are important components of concrete mixtures and the results of their inspection have an impact on the quality of buildings

Dubai universities

Dubai universities roll out programmes in AI, drones, genetics, gaming

Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park aim to equip students with future-proof skills during the 2023-24 academic year

artificial intelligence and Web3 licences

Dubai’s DIFC to issue artificial intelligence and Web3 licences

The Dubai AI and Web 3.0 Campus is a dedicated campus for AI and Web3 innovation and will provide physical and digital infrastructure within the DIFC Innovation One new premises

Google Bard AI

Top 10 innovative ways to use Google Bard AI

If you’re new to Google Bard and not sure how to get started, check out these ways to try it out

Responsible AI

Why a responsible AI agenda should start with the CEO

A robust responsible AI programme includes the strategy, governance, processes, tools and culture that are necessary to embed the approach across an organisation

Business partner

Why AI is the perfect business partner for UAE SMEs

SMEs must recognise that AI is not a futuristic concept, but a practical tool that can strategically augment and automate their processes

Breaking barriers

Breaking barriers: Enabling innovation with global communications

The advancements in mobile communications, broadband and the internet, has transformed our lives and opened up new possibilities that were once unimaginable

supply chains

How artificial intelligence is helping deliver smarter supply chains

Taarek Hinedi, vice president of FedEx Express Middle East and Africa operations, showcases why the company is a pioneer in express transportation

pedestrian crossing

Find the latest AI-powered smart pedestrian crossing in this Dubai community

The system’s AI algorithms are designed to detect and track vehicles and other road users approaching the pedestrian crosswalk