Virgin Mobile brand officially launches in the UAE
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Virgin Mobile brand officially launches in the UAE

Virgin Mobile brand officially launches in the UAE

Virgin Mobile will offer all its services via an app


UAE telecom operator Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) has officially launched the Virgin Mobile brand in the country.

EITC, the parent company behind du, announced plans to introduce the Virgin brand in the UAE earlier this year.

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Targeting the younger ‘digital-savvy’ generation, Virgin Mobile will offer all its services via an app.

Users can download the Virgin Mobile UAE app via the Google Play and Apple App Store.

The app allows customers to choose their mobile number, custom-make a mobile plan, scan their ID, and have their SIM card delivered anywhere in the UAE within an hour, a statement said.

Users can also switch operators and stick with their existing mobile number without visiting a store, track their data and minute usage in real time, and set up monthly spend limits through the app.

The subscription-based model allows for usage without a contract. Package prices start at Dhs79, according to the website.

Beta users have already tried out the service, and their feedback was used to enhance the Virgin mobile app, the statement added.

“After months of rigorous testing, we are pleased to bring the first fully digital mobile service to the UAE”, said Karim Benkirane, managing director of EITC’s Virgin Mobile business unit.

“Our team has developed an innovative digital platform to create customer-focused solutions. For example, there is no longer the need to go to a shop for your mobile needs, just download the app and you can not only have your SIM delivered, but also manage your mobile plan through the app.”

Virgin Mobile will use EITC’s network, IT and other infrastructure – just like du. All regulatory obligations will also be on EITC.

With only two two telecom operators licensed in the UAE at present – Etisalat and du – the introduction of Virgin Mobile is expected to create more competition in the market.

Speaking to Gulf Business earlier this year, Paul Black, director of telecommunications, media, and IoT at IDC MEA and Turkey, said: “IDC believes this added layer of competition will have a positive impact on the provision of services to the UAE’s brand-conscious young population.

“Given the country’s large youth population and Virgin Mobile’s international experience in actively targeting this segment, the potential for the company’s success is high,” he added.

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