UAE prepared for 'worst case' coronavirus scenarios UAE prepared for 'worst case' coronavirus scenarios
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UAE prepared for ‘worst case’ coronavirus scenario

UAE prepared for ‘worst case’ coronavirus scenario

The Gulf nation is well-equipped with quarantine and surveillance facilities to manage the outbreak


On Wednesday, UAE’s health minister, Abdul Rahman Al Owais, said that the country is setting up a new medical facility to deal with coronavirus cases in the country, Gulf News reported.

The minister added that the health sector authorities “have completed all the technical, medical and logistical preparations required to set up the medical facility far away from residential areas.”

He added, “The medical area will have all equipment and staff capable of dealing with any number of cases throughout the period of medical isolation that takes about 14 days. The UAE is well-prepared and equipped for the worst-case scenario as the virus continues to gain a foothold in the region.”

The authorities functioning across the country have enough facilities to quarantine patients, an official at the UAE National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority said.

A surveillance on all passengers entering the country will also be conducted, he added.

It was too early to ban public gatherings in the business, trade and tourism hub, the official noted.

Dubai is scheduled to host the Expo 2020 event in October later this year, due to last six months.

“We are quite satisfied that we have taken all the necessary steps needed to preempt the spread of the virus at all levels, without pushing the country into a state of unwarranted panic,” the UAE official was cited as saying.

The UAE has, so far, reported 13 coronavirus cases, including three which have fully recovered.

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Across other Gulf countries, Bahrain reported the highest number of cases in the region, 33 in total, linking them to inbound passengers who had flown in from Iran.

Kuwait has reported a total of 26 cases while Oman has reported four cases of Covid-19.

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Saudi Arabia has not reported any coronavirus case so far.

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