Top 10 Reasons Your Boss Doesn’t Like You
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Top 10 Reasons Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

Top 10 Reasons Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

If you can’t stand your boss, have you ever wondered if they can stand you? Gulf Business lists the top 10 reasons why your boss may not be your biggest fan.


The history of the workplace tells us that it is the employee who dislikes the employer, the classic inferior vs. superior struggle. He who has his life dictated by the superior class, and he resents them for it. But in as many situations where this rings true, you can be sure there are bosses who equally dislike their staff. So while you spend your days complaining about your manager check the below list, as they may not be your biggest fan either.

1. Lateness

No one enjoys getting up in the morning and we all find it hard, but lateness is rarely tolerated in the workplace. The occasional late start accompanied with a valid reason will sneak you under the radar, but persistent late arrivals with either no excuse or one so poor you wish you hadn’t come up with it, will put you in your boss’ black book permanently. It also shows you don’t care, and who wants that individual in the team?

2. Lack of initiative

Your boss may have the authoritative title on paper but that doesn’t necessarily mean he or she likes to micro-manage. Often the term ‘boss’ means putting together a competent team who get on with the job in hand without nagging their manager how to do everything. When you start asking your boss how to utilise every minute of your day, you’ll quickly fall unpopular, and look incompetent.

3. Rudeness

It’s an obvious one but rudeness to your boss will never be tolerated; it’s a suicidal attitude in the workplace. Even if you excel at your job and are the biggest money-spinner in your department, being intentionally rude and belligerent will see you out of the door pronto.

4. Being their best friend

Likewise, don’t try and become their best friend. Despite the age-long idea of charming the boss, nowadays most managers will see through the over-the-top kindness and feel they are being taken for a ride. Most bosses are happy to be a manager first and a friend second. When you start sucking up to them not only are you likely to annoy them but it makes it clear what your real motives are.

5. Complaining

Though one of your boss’s roles is to field enquiries and the occasional complaint, non-stop whinging and whining is the last thing they want to be dealing with. Often office politics aren’t fair but whining about it makes your boss less likely to turn things around in your favour. Keep your head down and ignoring the issue will win your boss around; throwing your toys out of the pram will show them an ugly side.

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