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Top 10 Reasons People Want To Leave Their Job

Top 10 Reasons People Want To Leave Their Job

Even in the midst of a global recession people still want to leave their jobs. Gulf Business draws up the top 10 reasons why.

6. Career growth
While many of us can happily sit in a job for several years or more content with how things are going, there is one underlying factor that we all subconsciously keep in mind on a regular basis. Seeing the path for career growth is important, it gives a person confidence they’re not going to stagnate. Without an obvious route up the career ladder, taking in promotions and pay rises along the way, interest may quickly wane and offers from rival firms who promise a quick career progression will be too good to ignore.

7. Personal life
Though some bosses will do all they can to ensure their staff are happy and stable in their jobs, there is one thing they cannot account for. Changes in one’s personal life, be it planned or otherwise can force staff to hand in their notice, even against their will. The arrival or loss of life, a partner’s new career move, family, health… these are all factors that no amount of pay rises or benefits can prevent. In these situations the silver lining is both parties know the separation was forced upon them, leaving what should be a mutual understanding and lasting respect.

8. Stretched to the limit
Often when one person leaves an organisation their workload is shifted onto their peers until a replacement is found. But being overstretched can quickly see staff following their ex-colleague out the door. Long hours mixed with an unrealistically heavy workload are an unhealthy combination and potentially fatal for any business. The usual outcome is a stressful environment for staff and when these stress levels result in doctors’ notes signing their patients off work, it’s only a matter of time until they’re off for good.

9. Office politics
Office politics are as much a foundation of a corporate business as brainstorms and conference calls. The professionals can turn them to their advantage, buttering up the boss just in time for the Christmas bonus season, or sweet-talking HR into signing off their requested holiday. For some though it can be the final straw. Watching your colleague get promoted ahead of you – the one who spent all last Tuesday laughing at the boss’ jokes and fetching them coffees from across the road – can be too much to take.

10. New opportunity
Not all reasons for someone leaving are doom and gloom, some people may quit their jobs simply because they’ve been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Or at the very least a better offer elsewhere. The best employees will often attract the eyes of competitors and in those circumstances you can be sure the package will be above what they’re currently being offered. At the very worse a job offer is flattering, but in most cases if the opportunity is too good to miss, there’s little an employer can do to prevent the inevitable.


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