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Domestic flights to resume in Saudi Arabia from May 31

All local destinations will be covered by these flights within two weeks

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Saudi Arabia issues guidelines for reopening mosques

Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to attend prayers at the mosques

saudi arabia riyadh

Saudi Arabia unveils phased plan to reopen mosques, offices and malls

The curfew will begin to be eased across the kingdom, except Makkah, from May 28

Saudi suspends two mortgage-support programmes amid crisis

An interest-free loan programme for military personnel which covers 20 per cent of a property will be suspended from May 31

Expat population in some GCC states may drop by up to 10% – report

Employment across the GCC could fall by around 13 per cent due to the impact of the coronavirus

How Covid-19 has revamped the online grocery shopping space

The stay-at-home protocol activated across countries to combat the spread of the virus has proven to be a game changer for the online shopping sector

GCC Covid-19 update: Saudi reports 2,532 cases, 12 fatalities; Kuwait registers 1,041 infections

The death toll in the UAE and Kuwait has risen to 351 and 129 respectively


GCC Covid-19 update: Saudi reports 2,691 cases; UAE announces 941 infections

The death toll in Saudi Arabia and the UAE has risen to 339 and 233 respectively

Saudi Aramco is first oil major to regain pre-price-war share price

Aramco’s recovery has been achieved on much smaller share volumes than its international counterparts

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GCC Covid-19 update: UAE reports 873 cases; Saudi confirms 2,509 infections

The death toll in the UAE stands at 227 while 26 people in Oman have succumbed to the virus

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Abu Dhabi offers more bonds to stockpile cash

The fall in oil prices has put a strain on the finances of Middle Eastern energy-producing countries

Saudi billionaire businessman Saleh Kamel dies

The businessman, who had an estimated net worth of $2.6bn, was the founder and chairman of conglomerate Dallah Albaraka


Saudi Arabia urges people to offer Eid prayer at home

Eid Al Fitr is expected to fall on May 23 or 24, subject to sighting of the moon

GCC Covid-19 update: Saudi reports 2,593 cases; Kuwait announces 6 deaths

Saudi Arabia has registered a total of 57,345 cases since the outbreak

Saudi Binladin slashes jobs and pay to cut costs in half

The Jeddah-based construction conglomerate has reportedly put thousands of employees on indefinite, unpaid leave

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GCC Covid-19 update: UAE reports 731 cases, Saudi registers 2,736 infections

The death toll in the UAE and Saudi Arabia has risen to 220 and 312 respectively

Saudi wealth fund said to be seeking $10bn margin loan

PIF is in need of capital as it embarks on an investment spree that has seen it build stakes in some of the world’s largest companies since the start of the coronavirus pandemic

Saudi wealth fund PIF buys Boeing, Citi, Facebook, Disney stakes

The PIF is looking into “any opportunity” arising from the economic wreckage of the crisis, its governor said in April

What role do GCC banks play in the current economic crisis?

Although the Covid-19 situation is straining financial institutions, banks have a major role to play in keeping economies buoyant during the current crisis and beyond


GCC Covid-19 update: UAE reports 698 cases, Saudi registers 2,039 infections

The death toll in the UAE and Saudi Arabia has risen to 208 and 283 respectively

Saudi Arabia boosts food spending at home and abroad to secure supply

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, the kingdom introduced two initiatives worth $665m to support farmers and facilitate food imports

GCC Covid-19 update: Saudi registers 1,905 cases; Kuwait records 7 deaths

The death toll in Saudi Arabia has risen to 273


IATA calls on Saudi Arabia for support amid mounting virus concerns

According to IATA estimates, revenues generated by airlines in the Saudi market will fall by $7.2bn in 2020

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Saudi declares complete curfew across the kingdom during Eid Al Fitr holidays

Until May 22, residents can continue to move freely between 9am-5pm in the regions where the curfew has been eased

GCC Covid-19 update: UAE registers 783 cases; Saudi reports 1,911 infections

Since the outbreak, the UAE has recorded a total of 19,661 cases

Oil edges higher on recovery signs while Saudis flag deeper cuts

Saudi Arabia aims to pump just under 7.5 million barrels a day in June, compared with an official target of about 8.5 million a day

What will be the impact of Saudi’s VAT hike on businesses and consumers?

The kingdom has hiked its VAT rate from 5 per cent to 15 per cent starting July 1

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GCC Covid-19 update: UAE registers 680 infections; Kuwait reports 7 deaths; Saudi cases cross 41,000

The death toll in Saudi Arabia and the UAE has risen to 255 and 201 respectively

No plans to hike VAT in the UAE – ministry

The UAE government levied a 5 per cent VAT on goods and services in January 2018

Saudi Arabia triples VAT, cuts cost of living allowances

The steps taken to shore up revenue and rationalise spending are valued at about SAR100bn in total