#Remote Work

Dubai traffic flexible or remote work

Dubai plans flexible work hours, school bus incentives to ease traffic congestion

Flexible working hours and remote working options are also being considered as part of the strategy to reduce traffic congestion during peak hours


UAE: Flexible working for private sector, remote learning for schools amid weather warnings

The adverse weather conditions are attributed to a surface low-pressure system extending from the southwest, accompanied by humid south-easterly winds


UAE rains: Remote work for public sector workers on February 12

The meteorological authority has issued an advisory urging residents to observe safety protocols, particularly in areas prone to heavy rainfall

rain in dubai work from home

UAE rains: Work from home says MohRE, Dubai Airport recommends metro use

Keeping in mind the inclement weather conditions, various arms of the UAE government have issued directives to employees

How LVL is promoting mental health

World Mental Health Day: How LVL Wellbeing is prioritising mental health

The platform is at the forefront of giving its team the tools to prioritise their wellbeing whether it is at work, or during their free time

Hybrid work Logitech

Logitech shares key trends in hybrid work models

For seamless collaboration and engagement, businesses should follow some vital steps, says Loubna Imenchal, head of Video Collaboration, Logitech AMECA

Dubai Airbnb

Airbnb launches remote working hub in Dubai

Those interested in working and living in Dubai can access the hub for local long-term listings and information on entry requirements and visa policy

Email protection

Why advanced email protection is more important than ever

The number of email users worldwide is set to grow from 4.26 billion in 2022 to 4.6 billion in 2025, making up more than half of the expected world population


Airbnb says employees can work remotely forever

Airbnb employees who work in lower cost-of-living areas won’t see their compensation change

Here’s why working from home is an investment into the future

Organisations need to act with speed to ensure that they accommodate their employees’ needs by investing in this new way of working

Understanding and empathising with Generation Remote

A subset of born digital workers began their careers during the pandemic, and have only ever known a culture where remote work is the norm

Dubai Municipality approves job titles for remote work

The municipality is the first government department in the emirate to announce the step

Facebook says it will expand remote work to all employees

Facebook also is expanding the number of workers who are allowed to move to other countries

Half of UAE workers prefer to work from home, Avaya study finds

Two-thirds of workers say they have the necessary technology to work from anywhere


Cybercriminals to focus on remote and cloud-based systems in UAE next year

Remote and hybrid working likely to continue for many organisations, report says

Work 2021: Prepare for a flexible future

Fueled by technology, work will happen anywhere, and employee engagement and productivity will soar

Surge in cyber-attacks targeting remote collaboration tools in UAE in 2020: report

Kaspersky researchers reveal a 177% in the number of brute force attacks on remote desktop protocols in the UAE

Cisco’s new Webex devices target remote workspaces, hotdesking

Hybrid workspaces are the future of work, experts contend

How Covid-19 compressed years of digital transformation into months: lessons from Microsoft

Sayed Hashish, general manager, Microsoft UAE, tells Gulf Business how technology will continue to play an active role in hybrid working beyond the onset of this decade