Cisco’s new Webex devices target remote workspaces, hotdesking
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Cisco’s new Webex devices target remote workspaces, hotdesking

Cisco’s new Webex devices target remote workspaces, hotdesking

Hybrid workspaces are the future of work, experts contend


Cisco has added three new products for its Webex collaboration platform – Webex Desk Camera, Webex Desk Hub and Webex Desk.

The future of work and smart workplaces will involve a combination of remote and on-site interactions, known as hybrid-work. As the hybrid workplace takes shape, it’s important that for employees to have access to seamless, smart digital experiences whether at home or in the office.

The Webex Desk Camera comes with facial recognition and occupancy metrics and can be used both at home or the office. New features include the ability to mute and unmute the microphone with a simple gesture—without ever touching your computer. Part of the Webex platform, the Webex Desk Camera can be managed by IT wherever users sit.

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The Webex Desk Hub is designed for hotdesking, offering video meetings and phone calls. The device also allows users to pair, charge, and connect other collaboration devices such as a camera, headset, display, laptop and mobile. Also, Webex Desk Hub lets users reserve a desk using their laptop, badge or cell phone to authenticate identity. For IT, the Webex Desk Hub gathers real-time environmental data, occupancy, and desk usage to help manage office space.

The Webex Desk comes with an “immersive presenter”, a feature that allows users to use slides or videos as a backdrop as they present. The all-in-one device features noise cancellation, virtual backgrounds and facial recognition, in addition to the camera, microphone and speakers. It can be set up easily with no technical expertise required.

“Customers are telling us that they are rethinking their workplaces —many are moving towards hybrid work with more people working at home and more hotdesks in the office,” said Reem Asaad, vice president, Cisco Middle East and Africa. “So, we are excited to be introducing two new devices, Webex Desk Camera and Webex Desk, that can be used at home or in the office, as well as a brand-new device called the Webex Desk Hub—a first for the industry—that allows personalised working in a shared space.”

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