Islamic Finance 2022-2023: Same constraints, new opportunities

S&P Global Ratings expects stronger economic growth in core Islamic finance countries and will boost industry assets about 10 per cent during 2022–2023

Apoorv Sood, VP Global Business Development & Partnerships, WebEngage

What does the future hold for customer engagement and loyalty?

Businesses will have to go beyond the traditional norms today if they want to keep their customers engaged tomorrow


How public-private partnerships can power the next phase of the UAE healthcare sector

A world-class healthcare sector requires that all players collaborate wherever synergies are found and leverage one another’s strengths to meet the challenges of tomorrow

SME Story: Interview with Dr Walid Saad, CEO, World of Farming

SME Story: Interview with Dr Walid Saad, CEO, World of Farming

Since launching earlier this year, we successfully completed the first prototype of our patent-pending circular farming methodology, that uses our artificially intelligent tracking software technology

Loreal Middle east MD interview

Interview: L’Oréal’s Laurent Duffier on the business of beauty

The MD of L’Oréal Middle East talks about transformative trends, Beauty tech, sustainability and the future of beauty

Benjamin Mouflard (CEO) and Vinicius Rodrigues (CTO) of ChatFood tell us how their company's mission is to empower hospitality businesses

SME Story: Interview with the founders of Chatfood

Benjamin Mouflard (CEO) and Vinicius Rodrigues (CTO) of ChatFood tell us how their company’s mission is to empower hospitality businesses

Bringing more women into workforce is critical for gender parity

Despite different starting points and cultural contexts, every country has an opportunity to bring more women into the workforce, in order to meet talent needs and advance women’s empowerment

Khadija-Al-Bastaki insights national Day

Insights: How the creative sector is amplifying the UAE’s national identity  

Dubai is the birthplace of up-and-coming local designers and creatives, all working together to contribute and elevate the UAE’s identity

SME Story: Interview with Muneeb Mushtaq of Airzai 

Airzai, a tech-fragrance company, is leading the charge in creating ‘the future of fragrance and wellness’ by leveraging technology

UAE’s 51st National Day: Business leaders highlight the nation’s achievements

The leaders said they will continue to support the UAE’s goals and its ongoing transformation and growth

Rise report 2022

Covid-19 recovery efforts triggered new energy access policies, reveals new World Bank report

Many governments improved their electricity access policies, with Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean scoring the highest on this indicator

Saudi Arabia National Housing Company

How Saudi Arabia is resetting its real estate landscape brick by brick

Saudi Arabia-based National Housing Company is helping redefine the local real estate landscape, their CEO Mohammed Bin Saleh Albuty, tells us more about it

Peter Heredia

Sales insights: How to make an offer customers can’t refuse

Your proposal should ooze value, and it’s worth putting in quality time going into depth about the value of your solution

Why clean energy’s corporate patrons are buying less this year?

Why clean energy’s corporate patrons are buying less this year?

There are now more than 125 gigawatts of clean power under contract to large companies around the world

How mental health at workplaces must be addressed in the new normal

Businesses that aren’t doing enough to re-think their mental well-being strategies, do so at their own peril

Dr Ashraf

Insights: Understanding good governance and its role in sustainable development

Good corporate governance fosters fair competition, enables efficient utilisation of resources, increases employment opportunities, and develops domestic and regional capital markets

How biotechnology and life sciences are fuelling UAE’s healthcare ambitions

Role of biotechnology and life sciences in UAE’s healthcare ambitions

AI, advanced data management and security privacy have played a fundamental role in reimagining the future of healthcare

Maya Prabhu is the MD, head of Wealth Advisory for the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, JP Morgan

Creating a consistent approach to sustainable family businesses

UAE recently launched a programme that aims to double family-owned businesses’ contribution to the nation’s GDP to $320bn by 2032

What happens after warming hits 1.5C? A guide to climate overshoot

What happens after warming hits 1.5C? A guide to climate overshoot

Prompted by the Paris Agreement, scientists in 2018 published a major report finding that an additional half-degree Celsius of warming considerably upped the odds of harsher climate impacts

Dr Christopher Daniel_MD and senior partner BCG

Insights: Looking ahead into the future of government

We explore the four fundamental changes governments should make to better meet today’s complex challenges

Ahmed Khashan, Schneider Electric

How Schneider Electric is transforming the renewable energy space

Gulf Business spoke to Ahmed Khashan, president, Gulf Countries of Schneider Electric on the company’s role in transforming the energy market both locally and globally

Nurcin Erdogan Loffler

‘For innovative thinking, most fundamental part is trust’

Why fostering a culture of innovation is the best strategy for the future of your business?

Chris Voss

No big deal: Top tips to ace any negotiation

Ten effective tips on negotiation from a former FBI hostage negotiator and the author of ‘Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It’

Interview with Sami Khoreibi and Sebastien Wakim, founders of Wisewell

Wisewell is an installation-free water purification technology that uses full-spectrum filtration to turn tap water into the highest quality of mineralised water

New UAE visa laws

Five things you should know about the new UAE visa laws

Earlier this year, the UAE cabinet announced major changes to the UAE visa system, which will result in simplified requirements and more benefits for visitors and residents

What factors have led to surge in food prices?

Increasing food costs have pushed inflation higher and remain a pain point for both food and beverage companies and consumers

Interview with Karthik Jayaraman, MD & co-founder of WayCool

Interview with Karthik Jayaraman, MD & co-founder of WayCool

India’s fastest-growing Agri-commerce company WayCool, recently forayed into UAE to offer tech stack solutions in the food economy

Jamal Al Jassmi

Banking: Why investing in human capital is a key driver of success

Companies need to invest in people as much as they do in technology, as reskilling employees is both cost-effective and offers significant mid to long-term dividends

Museum of the Future's rise as one of Dubai's top tourist attractions

Museum of the Future’s rise as one of Dubai’s top tourist attractions

Majed Al Mansoori, deputy executive director of Museum of the Future tells us how this architectural marvel is a significant boon to Dubai’s cultural and tourism economy

Alan’s Corner: Sales tips to drive your hospitality business

This month, I would like to share a few ideas to help hotels, food and beverage outlets, including restaurants, to develop their selling rhythm again