'Everdome story is a journey from near-future spaceport', says COO Jeremy
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‘Everdome story is a journey from near-future spaceport’, says COO Jeremy

‘Everdome story is a journey from near-future spaceport’, says COO Jeremy

Jeremy Lopez tells Gulf Business about their presence at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the success of Everdome’s maiden rocket launch

Zubina Ahmed
Everdome rocket launch

Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen partnered with Everdome during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Could you tell us more about it? 

As an official ‘Everdome Partner’ Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen had a dedicated land development team, consisting of concept artists, architects, and developers, working side-by-side to deliver ARF1TO’s vision. Together both Everdome and Alfa Romeo F1 team worked together to bring exciting, realistic, engagement for Everdome users.  The metaverse is a new channel for racing teams and spectators to connect in the future, bringing a futuristic element to the conventional motorsports experience. Everdome’s innovations are designed to help Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen uncover this potential, as the metaverse revolutionises the way people watch sport and raises the bar for fan engagement through it hyper-realistic approach. We wanted the public to see the first edition of our Virtual reality (VR) experience and gage their reaction. Together we wanted to bring one of the worlds most popular sports an entirely new experience – adding to the pure excitement the sport already offers.

Jeremy Lopez, Everdome

How have you executed this entire model?

The synergy between sports and future technology has never been more apparent. So, what we have done is, we have worked with our team to either receive or build assets that they have in 3D and we have uploaded them into the metaverse. We have created a special booth for the VR experience, where you can see a physical manifestation of the car itself and then you can go into the metaverse and see the car as well. This whole experience is really about opening doors and showing people about the possibilities of what the metaverse can do for the future; it will let people get closer to the team and the racers, experiences that not everyone gets.

Tell us about the success of Everdome’s maiden rocket launch on November 30?

Our first rocket launch represents a significant milestone, not just for Everdome, but also for the development of the metaverse, as we will prove that a metaverse experience can be hyper-realistic in style and breathtaking in execution. The heart of the Everdome story is a journey from a near-future spaceport, located in the UAE at the picturesque Hatta mountains, from where their web3 pioneers embarked first to their interplanetary spaceship ‘Everdome Cycler’ and then onwards to a new outpost for humanity on Mars.

The rocket launch stage saw the earliest Everdome supporters and adopters, named ‘Tier-1 Evernauts’, embark from the Hatta Spaceport to the Everdome Phoenix (EVR Phoenix), a spaceship design inspired by viable technologies, created in collaboration with the project’s space scientist partners.

This Everdome Phoenix will then rendezvous and dock with the immense Everdome Cycler in Earth’s lower orbit, a 3km long interplanetary vessel which will propel the first interplanetary metaverse community to their new settlement on Mars. Everdome’s city on Mars is placed in Jezero Crater, a location chosen by NASA for its contemporary space missions. Once arriving in the city, the Evernauts will enjoy multiple storylines and experiences, encompassing adventure, entertainment, learning and trading.


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