How C-level execs can resolve their differences on technology’s ‘invest to grow’ debate

The best platforms and tools should empower a business to take action and make it competitive

From outfits to wearables, mapping the ‘smart clothing’ journey

Many of today’s smart clothes use connectivity with another device to analyse data but there are others which are self-contained and react independently


How to avoid the six most common startup funding mistakes

Last year, UAE-based startups raised nearly $600m in venture funding alone

Nancy W Gleason

How the UAE’s new workweek can be a game changer for its workforce

There is a very strong business case for a shorter workweek, as people have more energy to be productive and efficient

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2022 in focus: Putting data at the core of Gulf innovation

Buffeted on all sides by the forces of digital disruption, businesses are now refocusing their efforts on futureproofing

Alan’s corner: New year, curtains up

Start the year on a positive note; bring your team together to appreciate their past efforts and share the business targets for the year ahead

How blockchain analytics can help combat cryptocurrency crime in the UAE

Chainalysis report shows crypto-based crime hit an all-time high in 2021, with illicit addresses receiving $14bn over the course of the year, up from $7.8bn in 2020

Abdullah Alajaji, Founder of Driven Properties

The micro and macro trends impacting Dubai’s real estate market

Here are the trends that are set to shape the trajectory of the emirate’s property market in 2022

Abdulrahman Khansaheb is the Managing Director of Khansaheb Industries

Why UAE residents must pay closer attention to their indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality reportedly leads to the premature deaths of 6.5 million people a year around the world

The future of cities: Is digitalisation the solution for urban challenges?

To better manage their fiscal challenges and limited resources, cities may view themselves as companies serving a complex group of citizen-customers

Business trends and startup opportunities in artificial intelligence

Worldwide funding of AI startups reached $20bn in Q2 of 2021 – more than double the total for the same quarter in the previous year

Here’s your ‘survival’ guide for the 2022 cyberthreat landscape

According to a survey, 72 per cent of GCC-based line-of-business and technology leaders believe digitisation is key to getting ahead in 2022

2022 will be a watershed year for the adoption of AI

AI will have a greater impact on industry than any other science or technology, says Jim Chappell, global head of AI and Advanced Analytics at Aveva

Javed Iqbal is the area director, BAT Middle East, South Asia and North Africa

How BAT’s new category R&D investment aims to reduce the health impact of its business

Alongside its office in the UAE, BAT has established two new entities in Saudi Arabia to form the hub of its Middle East operations – BAT Saudia and BAT Arabia

The five most common myths of responsible AI

Responsible AI is critical in building trust in what is quickly becoming an everyday tool

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The impact of electronic devices on the circular economy

With sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s mind, here’s how trading in old devices can contribute to a circular economy

Shifts in recruitment practices for 2022

Hybrid ways of working have now been embraced by even the most traditionally run organisations

The importance of retail renaissance as shoppers seek new in-store experiences

Physical stores are making a comeback and will play a significant role in retail in the future

digital marketing

Five digital marketing trends to track in 2022

These are a few of the digital marketing technique with the biggest commercial impact for businesses

A blend of empathy and tech will future-proof customer support

Digital and human agents can deliver experiences that delight consumers and business reps and keep them coming back for more

Millennials – the first generation in history with true financial freedom

As digital natives, this is a generation that expects answers instantly and in real-time: and that is the key to successful trading

Sustainable developments: Are they the future of real estate?

Legislation on minimum acceptable green standards, new building codes, new sustainable building materials and even the use and disposal of construction waste, will be required in the immediate future

Five best practices to aid hybrid retail strategies in the Middle East

Just as employers are having to contend with the inevitability of hybrid work, retailers must also prepare themselves for a hybrid-shopping future

Brazil UAE

The role of SMEs in boosting the trade relationship between Brazil and the UAE

Small businesses account for 99 per cent of all enterprises in Brazil and 95 per cent of private sector companies in the UAE

The business ‘control tower’ – how to make the right moves in 2022

Businesses, with their control tower, will be better equipped to evaluate this new world

WebEngage shares its top marketing tech innovations for 2022

The metaverse is going to bring a big shift in the world of marketing, and those businesses who will adopt this change will scale new heights

How employers should adapt to the emerging threat of long Covid

It is key for employers to understand and address the challenges presented by long Covid in the workplace

Why streaming services need to re-think authentication

The practice of sharing online passwords to streaming services costs US businesses approximately $25bn in lost revenue

How technology is changing the future of dentistry

As the world goes through a generational shift, it is important that we adapt to digital dental practices

Three learnings for businesses to carry into 2022

We must all continue to drive the social and governance agendas across our operational premises too in 2022