What the billion-dollar OSS market means for software delivery in the UAE

Nearshoring – outsourcing service provision to another company in a nearby country is rapidly growing. Shankar Garg, MD, Xebia Middle East outlines why this is a game-changer in software delivery in the UAE


Is the financial sector still on cybercriminals’ radars?

The New York Federal Reserve noted a report that financial firms experience cyberattacks 300 times more than other industries


Boardroom connection: Why firms should foster an ‘always learning’ culture

Invaluable insights and knowledge gleaned from this approach can benefit enterprises in the longer run

customer experience

Technology underpins customer experience. Here’s how.

Through the efficient use of digital tools, companies can deliver frictionless results, improving both customer experience and profits

business planning

Five steps to improving your competitive edge with integrated business planning

Here’s how to successfully integrate business planning taking into account the impact on people, processes and the technology

Green hydrogen sector

The digital road to the green hydrogen sector

Data-led development can help build a responsive and resilient clean hydrogen energy sector

Cloud HR

Here’s why cloud holds the key to HR transformation

By automating processes and cutting costs, cloud platforms can be a game-changer for productivity and efficiency

How to measure your path of productivity

It’s not about how much you do, but it’s about doing the right thing at the right time

zero watse

Hastening the UAE’s journey to zero waste

A good way to encourage recycling and composting is to make it expensive to put things in landfill

Getty Images - realities

Here’s how cross realities will shape omnichannel marketing

With the blurring of lines between virtual and physical realities, there is a need to address the concerns of XR consumers, says Nicolet Pienaar

What’s the key for operators to succeed in 2022?

Affordability is key to reaching out to the population yet to sign up for mobile internet

Real-time payments UAE

Beckoning a new dawn for real-time payments in the UAE

The UAE has one of the world’s highest smartphone penetration rates and a young population that live a substantial proportion of their lives in digital spaces

How conversational AI powered bots are democratising the healthcare industry

Conversational AI solutions have the potential to make life easier for patients, doctors, nurses and other hospitals and clinic staff in several ways

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The key sectors where robots are expected to play a pivotal role

We look at five ways that robots are transforming business


How fintech solutions can support small exporters

Fintech companies are uniquely positioned to fill the gap and help SMEs get access to flexible injections of liquidity

Six steps for businesses to become data-driven

It is essential to eliminate the instilled idea that data has a place with only one specified group

Why a ‘people first’ approach in banking is key to greater customer retention

Financial institutions that continue along the traditional banking path will be left behind by an ever-evolving industry

Lapsus$, Microsoft and Okta: Cybergeddon or cyber non-events?

The business typically seeks efficiency while those who worry about availability need redundancy

Zero trust: A vital component in the strengthening of hybrid-work capabilities

A zero trust defensive strategy aims to make the organisation’s network software-defined, boost resilience and flexibility, and combat modern-day threats

Dubai real estate

How Dubai’s secondary residential market has gained momentum

Early indicators show positive trends for the secondary residential market

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Say goodbye to batteries, thanks to zero-power communication

Zero-power communication technology is the next logical step in the future generation of B5G and 6G communications networks

Ammar Al Malik

Why Dubai has become an ideal incubator for startups

The emirate’s strategic location has created a fertile landscape for entrepreneurs and startups within the region

The changing landscape of investment advisory across UAE and GCC

Clients are increasingly seeking the advice of asset managers who possess a rich knowledge of local and regional market dynamics

Real estate 2.0: A more personalised experience to home buying

Buyers expect a certain amount of sustainability in their homes and commercial buildings

Four trends to reboot the GCC construction sector in 2022

Rising up to these opportunities will not only offer up success, but set early-movers apart as industry role models

UAE 5G devices

Pause, play, fast forward: It’s more than just a game

As nations, communities and social gathering were put on pause, gaming offered a window to another world

Why eliminating gender bias must be a priority for all

Recruitment is key to making sure all positions are filled with a range of people that reflects the diversity of our communities

gcc tourism

The possible growth avenues for the GCC’s tourism market

There is much potential for GCC countries to offer digitally-enhanced experience tourism alongside innovative offerings

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Here are the top mobile marketing trends for 2022

Consumer engagement and hyper-personalisation are expected to remain key factors in a changing digital world

These industries are expected to boom over the next decade

From robotics to drone delivery, here is how you can leverage the opportunities that these future-focussed industries offer